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Where are capasitors that may cause static in a radio?

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It depends on wwhat ind of car you have, On some it is on the coil and others it is inside the dist cap.

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Will a radio controlled car cause static on my cordless phone?

it may ,you should change to a different channel on the cordless if it has this option

How can you eliminate the static noise from your AM radio channels?

Make sure the antennae is connected and good, Then you may try an anti-static kit from radio shack.

Why would car radio play nothing but static?

Your antenna may have come loose from the back of the stereo, or it may have been switched over to am by accident.

Static electricity in hair?

Static electricity in hair can cause it to feel dry and it may start floating away from your head. This usually happens when it is not very humid.

Are the methods or members of static class static?

A static class may or may not have static members. Adding the static keyword to the class definition won't change this. Note that an inner class which is not static may not contain static members (unless those members are also declared final).

How to fix am radio interference in a car?

AM radios are based on the principle of sound waves being sent through the air. If the AM radio station has static, you may wish to move to a new area where reception is better.

A static method may not be overriden to be non static?

This is correct. Overridden static methods must be static and overridden non-static methods must not be static.

Does metal have static electricity why or why not?

It may or may not. Just about any material may store some static electricity.

What causes static on 2001 Ford Ranger radio. Static increases as engine rpms increase.?

It's picking up the alternator as it spins. In some cases the radio or antenna may not be shielded anymore or if so equipped the noise suppressor has failed. You might be able to get a noise suppressor from a stereo shop.

what causes more static electricity a balloon filled with helium, oxygen, or carbon dioxide?

The balon filled with helium will cause more static,a ballon filled with carbon dioxide may be dangerous.

What might cause static or interference on a phone line?

If you're experiencing static, it may be time to look into digital phone lines, new equipment or contacting your phone company to learn about outages in the area.

Can static method can be overloaded or not?

Yes, a static method may be overloaded.

How do you fix static from a radio?

This is not a joke. Hey, this may sound really weird but I was having suddenly a great deal of static on my AM radio at home. This has gone on for weeks. Well, the other day I set a spray can of Old Spice "Red Zone" deodorant next to and touching the radio. The static was gone. When I pick up the can the static comes back. The can has to be placed at exactly the right spot where the internal antenna is. The can looks like brushed aluminum. I've tried other things but only this works. I have no idea why it works, but it does. I know this sounds weird but it works for me. I guess so I wish my radio could do that!!! When I folded my flip phone on the antenna it worked too.

Why won't my radio turn on in my vectra sri?

There are many reasons that could cause the radio to not work. There could be a wiring issue, or a part may be broken.

Do mobile phones cause brain cancer?

no but they can help it to grow yes,it may cause brain cancer because of the emmission of the radio-active rays.

How do you fix a broken radio in a Chrysler 300m?

The method to fix a broken radio on a Chrysler 300M will vary depending on the condition of the radio. If the radio is not working, it could be a simple as a fuse. Try changing the fuse to see if this may solve the problem. If the radio is still not working, it may require troubleshooting from a mechanic or car dealership to determine the root cause.

Where is the antenna radio connection located on a 98' ford escort?

The radio antenna is a fine wire imbedded in the windshield. If your radio doesn't pull in any stations, but you get static then probably the cable came out of the back of the radio. If you recently got a new windshied it may have not had the antenna. You should be an antenna at an auto parts store and install it on the front fender.

Does the nerve conduction velocity test produce shocks?

This test may cause mild tingling and discomfort similar to a mild shock from static electricity

What would cause strange noises to come through the radio of a 1994 Buick LeSabre when accelerating and turning on the AC?

For some reason the radio isn't filtered correctly. I would go to Radio Shack and get the best filter they have and try that. Also if the antenae is broken sometimes that will be the cause. Goodluck, JOe there is noise filter in the radio, also on the coil pack may need replace at coil. if this does not do it you may need to replace radio. or maybe bad ground The alternator rectifier bridge has a bad diode in it.

What would cause your CD player have static when only playing music?

Do you mean when playing CDs or the radio. No matter what you are using, hearing static while listening to the radio is common. As for CDs, I would need more info about your CD player to give a definite answer. It could be a cheap model. Your CDs may be dirty or scratched. You may have damaged the lens. The player may be old. You may have dropped the player one too many times. I have a CD player that skips when touched even slightly because of it's age and from being dropped more times than I can count. It makes listening to it in the car difficult. I am by no means an expert, but for another opinion, take it somewhere like RadioShack where they do electronic equipment repair.

How do you make a walkie talkie?

Each radio needs a receiver and a transmitter. When the push-to-talk button is not depressed, the radio receives. An optional squelch circuit can be used to mute static. When the push to talk button is depessed, the receiver is muted and the transmitter is activated. The details of this are left as an excercise to the reader. To make a radio, you may need a crystal diode.

Benefits of static electricity?

Benefits of Static Electricity are that you can learn more more about that type of electricity and it can be displayed. If you ever wonder what a shock is you know that it may be static electricity

When did Static Shock end?

May 22, 2004

Is kinetic energy the same as static energy?

may be

How to fix buzzing car speaker?

The speaker could be buzzing for a couple of reasons. If the signal from the radio is causing the buzz then you may have to replace the radio. If the speaker cone is the cause of the noise, then the speaker will need to be replaced.