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Cardiac Muscles are located in the human body of the heart (only found in the heart.) Cardiac Muscles are striated ( has stripes) they are involuntary.

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What do cardiac muscles do in the body?

Cardiac muscles help the heart. This is the only place in the body that cardiac muscle is located.

Where is the location of the cardiac muscle?

cardiac muscles are located in the heart only

What is the function of the cardiac muscles?

The function of the cardiac muscles are to make the heart beat. They are located inside the walls of the heart.

What is the band located where two cardiac muscles cells join called?

cardiac muscle

What type of muscles are the cardiac muscles?

cardiac muscles

What are three types of musclues?

1.Smooth Muscles- which is located in the organs of the digestive system and blood vessels2.Cardiac Muscles-located in the your heart3.Muscle Tissue-in your heart which is called Cardiac Muscles

Are cardiac muscles located in the walls of blood vessels?


Can you contract your smooth and cardiac muscles on purpose?

Smooth Muscles can, but Cardiac Muscles can not.

Where are cardiac muscles found?

The Cardiac muscles are found in your heart.

Where can you find cardiac muscles?

cardiac muscles are found in the heart

Where is the cardiac muscle located?

Well one of the places the cardiac muscle is located in is the heart. The heart is a muscle. It pumps blood in and out of your body and never stops working because its made out of cardiac muscles.

Both skeletal and cardiac muscles are this?

Both skeletal and cardiac muscles are striated muscles.

Is cardiac a type of muscles?

Yes. Cardiac muscles are found in the heart which is why they call it cardiac arrest.

Which organ do Cardiac muscles control?

Cardiac muscles form the heart.

Are the muscles in the small intestine cardiac?

No, cardiac muscles are only in the heart.

What are the main muscles in the human muscular system?

There are many muscles in the human muscular system. The main muscles are the cardiac muscles located near the heart, the biceps muscles, the abdominal muscles and the quadrocept muscles.

What are the contractions of cardiac muscles called?

Heartbeats are the repeated contraction of cardiac muscles.

Which muscles are involuntary muscles?

smooth muscles and cardiac muscles

What muscles are striated muscles?

Skeletal and Cardiac Muscles

What qualities do cardiac and skeletal muscles share?

Both cardiac and skeletal muscles have striations

Where will you find cardiac muscles?

There is only one place you will find cardiac muscles and that is the heart.

Name some cardiac muscles?

There are three different types of muscle, cardiac, skeletal and smooth. Cardiac muscles can be found in the heart.

Which muscles work in pairs?

cardiac muscles

How are cardiac muscles and striated muscles the same?

They are not.

Why cardiac muscles do not fatigue easily?

blc cardiac muscles ve long refractory factor

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