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Where are carrot seeds in a carrot?

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The part of the carrot that we eat is the root. The seeds are in the bloom, which we never see in the store.

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Where are carrot seeds found?

The carrot which is eaten is a root. The carrot seeds are formed in the flowers. After maturity of inflorescence, the carrot seeds are harvested, dried, cleaned and packed for taking another crop of carrot.

How are carrot seeds made?

Carrot seeds are not manufactured. All seeds are made by the plants themselves.

How do you get carrot seeds?

people get carrot seeds because they let the plant grow and flowers bloom to make seeds. the carrot part we eat is the root.

How do you make carrot seeds on minecraft?

You do not need carrot seeds to plant carrots. If you have just a carrot, you can plant that in hoed land.

Where on a carrot are the seeds?

The seeds are not in the edible part of the carrot but grow from the flowers that form from the greenery above.

How many seeds does carrot have?

It doesn't have seeds.

What part of a carrot contains seeds?

The carrot itself has no seeds. If a carrot is left in the ground, a stalk will eventually come up from the middle of the plant and form flattish flowers in an umbel. The seeds develop from this.

Is carrot a fruit?

no if a vegetable has seeds it is a fruit and a carrot doesn't have seeds so it's not a fruit it's a vegetable

Does carrot and cauliflower have seeds?


Is a carrot a fruitor vegetable?

A carrot is a vegetable. Fruits contain seeds, with the exception of the Banana.

Does carrots have seeds in?

Carrots are roots. To get seeds the carrot must be allowed to flower.

What seeds are there for mincraft pocket edition?

You can get pumpkin, potato, wheat and carrot seeds.

Does a carrot have seeds?

No, they don't. It's a vegetable.

Which fruit has most seeds?

Probably a carrot

Do carrot seeds come from the ground?


Are carrots seedless seed both?

Carrots are root vegetables and roots are not the part of the plant that produces seeds.The carrot plant is a flowering plant and the flowers once fertilized with carrot pollen produce carrot seeds.

Does carrots grow from roots?

The part of the carrot that you eat grows in the ground, usually with the wide end of the carrot just at the surface of the soil and the Carrot is not a fruit, so there are no seeds inside or on the carrot.

How do you get items for equestrain centers on howrse like carrots and mashes?

You have to make the mashes and to get carrot you need a meadow. Go to the store and buy a meadow and carrot seeds. Then you go to your meadows and click grow crops and plant the carrot seeds. Then you wait! :)

How many carrots does one carrot seed produce?

One seed produces one carrot. Bizarre when one carrot produces hundreds of seeds! Lots more carrot answers in the World Carrot Museum.

How does a carrot reproduce?

Carrots reproduce by seeds that can be found in the roots.

How carrot grows?

carrots grow by planting seeds and then they grow

How far apart do you plant carrot seeds?

10 cm

Which of the following is least like the others Cucumber Carrot Apple Tomato Watermelon?

carrot because it contains no seeds inside it.

What would be the effect of growing carrot seeds very close?

The secret is to thin out the seedlings as they grow. Watch out for carrot fly though.

Where do you find the seeds of a carrot?

I am so sorry but know one knows in the family.