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== == typically where there is alot of water, like the rain forest dont no

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Q: Where are ferns found?
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Where is fern found in Jamaica?

ferns can be found in fern gully

Where in Jamaica can ferns be found?

ferns can be found in fern gully of course it is located i st. Ann i am not sure for anywhere else but i will upgrade you on it bye

Are ferns only found in New Zealand?

Not at all. Ferns are one of the world's most adaptable plants, found in a variety of conitions and continents.

The sori of most ferns are found on the?


Ferns are more advanced than mosses because mosses lack which structure found in ferns?


What are some facts about ferns?

ferns are ancient plants were found in the rocks 400 million years ago. ferns like living a damp and shady places.

Where is the greatest diversity of ferns found?

tropical rainforests

Where are the antheridia and archegonia found in ferns?

Underside the gametophyte.

Why are there fossils of ancient ferns found in antarctica?


Name the plants found in English Forest?

connifers ferns

Mosses lack which structure found in ferns?

They have no "vascular system".

What kingdom does fern belongs?

Ferns are found in the pterophyte kingdom.

What are some plants found in niagara falls?

Ferns and Mosses

Where are ferns found in South Africa?

In most suburban areas.

What eats ferns?

Grasshoppers eat ferns.Smaller rodents eat ferns.Bigger animals such as deer eat ferns.Toads or frogs eat ferns.I am not familiar with all the different varieties and types of fern but my "Russian Tortoise's found a certain species that my wife had growing in her flowerbed very appetizing.

Which plants are found in English forest?

Conifers, Ferns and Flowering plants are found in English Forest.

Which reproductive structure is found in the life cycles of mosses and ferns?


What species of ferns are there?

Some species of ferns are ladder ferns,bird's nest ferns and royal ferns.

What parts of Australia do ferns grow?

Ferns are most commonly found wherever there are rainforests and dense bushland in Australia. This can be anywhere along the coastlines, north or south.

What plant structures are found in both ferns and cone bearing plants?


What is a fact about ferns?

There are 20,000 species of ferns. Ferns are vascular.

What do fossilized ferns tell us about the climate where they were found?

A warm or hot moist climate.

What are haploid spores on the underside of ferns fronds that are found in clusters called Sori?


What continents was a fern located on?

Ferns and their fossil remains have been found on every continent

What is the worlds rarest fern?

One of the world's rarest ferns is the pumice grape fern. One of the world's rarest ferns is the pumice moonwort, found only in Oregon and California.