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The area hospitals offer babysitting classes, but there might be age restrictions.

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Q: Where are free babysitting classes for 10 year holds in Eau Claire WI?
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Is there any free online babysitting classes for 10 year olds?

you have to go to your local red cross or ymca office. they usually offer daycare classes. click the link below for ideas on how to promote your services. they offer a free mini course in starting daycare and babysitting services

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The American Red Cross has a highly-regarded online (or classes) course for people 11 year old and older. It costs $29 in 2016.'s a boy who saved a life after his Red Cross course.

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I will provide you with a website which offers some free training. However, keep in mind, there is no better experience that attending a class that provides some direct hands on experience. Baby Sitter Training For Hire not only provides some training but also has a list you can join once you meet their qualifications which allows you to show yourself available as a Babysitter. Its pretty cool. Another example of where you might find free classes can be seen with this link to a San Antonio, TX training. You might look in your own community to see if they offer something similar: Best wishes i want to do babysitting

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