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CHINA where else?

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Q: Where are glen Burton guitars made?
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Who plays Glen Burton guitars?

These are high quality guitars for professional musicians that are into a wide variety of musical tastes. Very similar to Epiphone guitars, the quality is outstanding for any kind of player, This can also serve as your main instrument when touring. Kerry Lovegreen (Kansas) purchased a Glen Burtn Machine Gun GE47 Model Gary Goodman plays the Glen Burton SubSonic Bass Brad Lee plays a G320 and the Glen Burton Performer

Are glen Burton guitars any good?

similar to a jay turser in quality, they can be excellent or may have a few issues. Never really know,, if your handy with guitars you can usually sort them out easily.

Are glen Burton acoustic guitars good?

I have had a Glen Burton acoustic (model MD-101) for about 6 years now and I love it still. Sounds great, a bit dinged up now, but still my favorite guitar out of 4. I've been playing for 8 years now and I appreciate good sound. If you put a good pickup in it, sounds great in the studio.

Who were the Monkees session musicians?

Glen Campbell and Mike Deacy played guitars.

Who made Marathon guitars?

Who made Marathon guitars?

Is a Glen Burton Guitar good for playing punk rock?

Good question. The answer however depends on what model glen Burton you decide to go with. I have a glen Burton P Style bass and it sounds good for my punk band. But you can buy other styles too, like an SG style. Pickups are the same, brand is not that's all

Where are guitars made from?

Guitars are made from factories in South Sudan

Where are Pennsylvania guitars made?

Martin guitars are made in Nazareth PA

How many kawai guitars were made?

3500000 kawai guitars was made

Are fender guitars made of wood or fiberglass?

Fender guitars are made of wood.

How many frets did cliff Burton's bass have?

24..and some bass-guitars with 25 frets.

Are epiphone guitars made in the same factory as Gibson guitars?

Gibson guitars are made in the USA. Epiphone guitars are made overseas in Korea, China and other places. So, no, Epi and Gibby are not made in the same factory.

How long have Harmony guitars been made?

Harmony guitars have been made for over 30 years. A dedicated agent of Harmony guitars said that their guitars are of the highest quality since they are made from beech wood.

Are glen Burton guitars good guitar?

A few years ago I bought a Glen Burton strat copy on Ebay, really cheep, and was surprised when I received it. All of the important parts were much better than I expected. After shielding the pick guard, setting intonation and action, and replacing the head nut, I have a very good guitar. It could still have the bridge and pots replaced, but they work for now. If you think of it as a pre-assembled kit, it is a very good, and inexpensive place to start.

What are guitars made of?


Where are epiphone guitars made?

Epiphone guitars are made overseas in Korea, China and other places alike.

Who makes series 10 guitars?

Bentley made Series 10 guitars.

What company makes harmony guitars?

Harmony guitars are now made in Korea.

Where in Mexico are Taylor guitars made?

Chico landTaylor guitars are not made in Mexico. They are made in California USA. El Cajon to be exact.

What was the guitar made out of?

this is two vauge, electic guitars and acuostic guitars are made out of different things and different wood

Are any Gibson guitars made in Canada?

Yes, some acoustics are, but no electric guitars. They are all made in USA.

Who is George Burton?

he is the CEO and avid snowboarder that made the Burton company

Where are alvarez guitars made?

Hand made in japan

Where are washburn guitars made?


Who makes famous guitars?

The most famous guitars and most widely know guitars are made by Gibson. No other guitar company has sold more guitars than Gibson.