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The best and most legit modeling agencies can be found all over the world and are usually all located in large cities and markets. Examples for the best modeling markets/areas in the United States include: New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

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Q: Where are good Modeling agencies located and real ones?
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Is there an Asian modeling agency?

There are plenty of Asian modeling agencies and of course the best ones are located in Asia. is one website that keeps a fairly good roster of modeling agencies based on international location.

What modeling agencies work with Disney?

Disney works with a variety of modeling agencies for its projects. There are no specific ones they always go to. But those in Los Angeles and Florida are likely to work with Disney compared to other locations.

What are some kid freindly modeling agencies?

That's hard to answer because location plays a factor. You'll want to look for agencies within a 2 hour's drive from where you live in order to see what's out there and which ones represent kids.

Any reputable model agencies for babies?

The best way to find out this information is to do an online search for modeling agencies in your city/state and then go through the websites to see which ones actually have a baby modeling division. As long as they are reputable, have a good list of clientele and do not charge up front fees you should consider submitting your baby.

How do you start modeling at thirteen?

By doing an online search for modeling agencies that represent teen models. Look for agencies that are located within a 2 hour's drive from where you live and visit their websites to find out which ones represent teen models. For the ones that do, the websites will list the instructions for how to submit yourself and what guidelines you'll need to follow. If they're interested in your submission, they'll invite you for an interview and if that goes well, they'll offer you a contract, which your parents will have to sign.

Can 13 year old do modeling?

There are professional modeling agencies that represent 13 year old models, however you need to make sure that the agencies you submit your pictures and information to actually have a teen division. If they don't then they can't help you. This information is usually given on the agency's website.

Are there any agencies that involve modelling adult nappies at home?

So far there aren't any such modeling opportunities like the ones you described.

What are some modeling agencies in West Virginia?

West Virginia is not a huge modeling market so there are barely any type of agencies in this area. The only ones listed include: Mountain State Talent Agency, LLC - Barboursville, West Virginia 304-939-1113 Southeastern Modeling POB 6823 Charleston, West Virginia 25362

Where can you find a teen modeling agency for teens in San Diego?

There are a number of modeling agencies in San Diego that you can look into. Make sure to find ones that represent child or teen models. This link has a list of legit and reputable agencies in your area:

Are there any modeling schools in Ottawa for ages 9-10?

There aren't many that teach children within that age, however, there are plenty of modeling agencies in the Ottawa area that will train new and inexperienced child models. Do an online search for these agencies and visit their websites to see which ones represent child models.

What are the Models agencies with qvc as client?

QVC recruits from local modeling and talent agencies in PA--they don't have specific ones they always go to, it depends on which agencies submit their models to them. This is what their website says:== Are you interested in gaining exposure both on camera and online? Apply to become a QVC model! We recruit from local modeling and talent agencies. For consideration, instruct your agent to send photos and stats to: QVC Studio Park1200 Wilson Dr.Mail Code 175West Chester, PA 19380 Good luck! And remember…the camera loves you!

What are good scene modeling agencies?

I am not sure what you mean by "scene." If you are referring to "scene" as in the whole "emo" look, that type of modeling falls under alternative and to my knowledge there aren't any modeling agencies that specialize in alternative models. Maybe some online ones. Alternative models tend to be freelance and find their own work and the more well known they become--usually through the Internet--the more opportunities they are given. This is a link to an eHow article about becoming an emo model: