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All the instructions to start computer are stored in BIOS (Basic Input Output System ) at ROM. Whenever computer is started BIOS checks presence and status of RAM and input & output devices like keyboard, monitor, printer, disk drives etc. After checking these devices BIOS searches operating system in different drives. On finding operating system BIOS startups the operating system and hands over control of computer to operating system.

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Catch memory

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Where are the instructions stored needed to start the computer?

The initial start-up instructions are stored in the ROM chip. These instruction tell the computer what hardware is present, and starts up the operating system.

Instructions for starting computer stored in the?

BIOS...which is memory in the ROM.

Instructions needed when starting the computer are stored in what?

BIOS on the Motherboard

Is RAM used for storing the start-up instructions on the computer?

RAM is used for storing the start-up instructions on the computer. This serves as the memory of the computer which will retrieve such instructions.

When first powered on the first instructions a computer will execute are stored in?


When you reboot your system the computer follows startup instructions stored in this type of memory?

On start up the computer fetches information from BIOS. BIOS is a ROM. After that the computer loads OS from Hard disk into the RAM.

Where are the instructions stored in a computer?

Set of instructions are called programs. All the programs given to computer are first stored in backing storage device like hard disk, magnetic disk, CDs, DVDs. When user wish to run these instructions, these are loaded in Computer Primary Memory i.e. RAM. Form RAM these instructions are read by processor and run.

Where would the information needed to start the computer be stored?

Most of the programs and info the CPU and computer uses to Boot are mostly from the Hard Drive. The Hard Drive is mostly where all of the instructions come from.

What permenantly stores the set of instructions that the computer uses to activate software that controls the processing function when you turn on the computer?

The instructions are stored in the Master Boot Record (MBR).

Electronic device operating under the control of instructions stored in its memory unit?


What is an electronic device that operates under the control of instructions stored in its memory unit?

A Computer

What is the idea of stored programs means that instructions for a computing task can be loaded into a computer?


Why does ROM store all the instructions for starting a computer?

Because - the computer needs a specific set of instructions to start -up. The instructions held in ROM initialise the hardware and instruct the computer to load the operating system (and where to find it on the hard-drive).

Why does computer need memory?

A computer has to follow a set of instructions called a program.If it is asked to find the solution of a particular question then the information or instructions must be stored would be stored in one of the two types of computer memory called main memory and secondary memory.

Where are instructions for a computer on how to perform a specific task computer on how to process data?

Start-up instructions - are stored on the computer's ROM chip. This performs a system check and loads the operating system into RAM. It also checks that the hardware & external ports are performing. All other programs are usually stored on the computer's hard-drive - and loaded into RAM as, and when needed.

Where are program instructions stored while the computer is switched off?

In the BIOS ROM and on the hard drive.

When the computer is turned on it contains instructions that start the computer when you turn it on is it RAM or ROM?


Does ROM contain instructions that start the computer when you turn it on?

Yes, it does

What hold the instructions the computer needs to start up?


Which holds the instructions the computer needs to start up?


What general categories of functions are specified by computer instructions?

Computer instructions begin with a Basic Input/Output System which is where the ram memory is stored. The hard drive and peripherals can also be found in BIOS.

What device accepts inputs processes and stores data all according to a series of stored instructions?


What cell is stored with coded instructions?

The cell that is stored with instructions is chromosomes. Hoped this helped :).

Which device stores instructions that help the computer to start up?


Rom contains all of the instructions needed to start a computer?