Where are lotus cars made?

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What Country is lotus cars from?

Lotus cars are made, and the company is based, in England.

What country are Lotus cars made in?

The United Kingdom.

When was Lotus Cars created?

Lotus Cars was created in 1952.

Where were lotus cars made?

The company is based at Hethel, Norfolk, England

Does your 2001 highlander have an interference engine?

Lotus cars are made in England.

What kind of car is Lotus Exige?

The Lotus Exige is a sports car that features only two seats. It is made and manufactured by Lotus Cars in the year 2000. It is very similar to the Lotus Elise.

Cars that start with the letter L?

Lotus Lotus

Is Lotus German or Italian?

Lotus Cars is a British manufacturer of sports and racing cars based at Hethel, Norfolk, England.

What country makes lotus Elise?

Britain makes the car, and in 2001 they made more cars then they ever did!

Is Lotus the car Australian?

No. Lotus is a British based manufacturer of sports and racing cars.

Are Lotus cars any good?

Lotus cars are very good and are recognized most because of their lightweight design and easy maneuverability and downforce.

What are the release dates for Great Cars - 2003 Lotus?

Great Cars - 2003 Lotus was released on: USA: 2 May 2005

Where can one find images of the Lotus Elite cars?

You can locate images of the Lotus Elite cars on the internet. You can also find pictures and information about them in books or magazines that specialize in cars.

What cars are named after flowers?

well, there's the Lotus...

What cars have same name as flowers?

lotus for one

In which year was the Lotus brand of cars established?

Lotus Engineering Ltd. was established by Colin Chapman and Colin Dare in 1952. The company designs and builds racing cars and standard cars with great handling that are lightweight.

What are the lightweight British cars in Gran Turismo 5 from PlayStation?

Some of the light weight cars in granturismo 5 are the lotus Elise. There are different versions of the lotus Elise in the game.

In what year was the Lotus Elan first produced?

The Lotus Elan is a convertible car produced by Lotus Cars. The first year it was produced was in 1962. The Lotus Elan then stopped production in 1975 and continued in 1989.

What are some cars that start with L?

Lexus, Lotus, Lamborghini

Why do lotus cars names start with an E?

Elan Esprit

Are Lotus Cars British?

yes very much so

Are f1 cars Ferrari?

There are different made; F1 cars are made by Ferrari, Renault, Mercedes, etc Some other teams have like tweak up engine, like the Cosworth engine for teams; HRT, Williams, Lotus.

What are some of the features of the Lotus Elise cars?

The Lotus Elise was launched in 1996 featuring rear wheel drive. The aluminum chassis made the car very light weight and allowed the car to reach speeds of 150mph.

Where can used Lotus Elise cars be purchased?

There are many places you can look for Used Lotus Elise cars. In both the United States and the United Kingdom you can find this car listed on Auto Trader.

What are some cars starting with E?

Elantra (Hyundai) Elan (Lotus) Europa (Lotus) Edsel (Ford) Eagle (American Motors)

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