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In Tropical rainforests because they have the most biodiversity than any other biome.


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Most of Earth's water is found in the oceans, mainly Pacific.

Oxygen is most commonly found in the air of Earths atmosphere.

There are 26 species of chipmunks, most of which are found in North America. Only one species is found in Siberia.

Most species of parrot are found in Australia and the islands of the South Pacific. Others are found in the Amazon Rain Forest (South America) and Africa.

About 97% of the salt water are found on Earth. These are located in the oceans.

phosphorus is commonly found in the earths crust because it is a rock

Plateaus are found on land and underwater, they cover about 45% of earths surface.

Most of the earths salt water is from oceans, and most of the freshwater is from, glaciers and icebergs, lakes and rivers, and ground water.

Glaciers and polar ice caps.

Where is most of the earths tropical climates found?That would be easy;AfricaThe rain forest&&& Alabama..(:No'one ever saw the writer of the is quote EVER again(:

Lithium is the most reactive metal found.

Rainfall is where it is from. Ice caps and glaciers is where most of it is found, followed by groundwater.

In the form of ice, mostly at the poles.

Mainly the rainforests of South America.

There are MANY species in Australia.

Silicon Because It Is Its Most Common Factor

Growing more trees as trees take in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen that we use for breathing. So. I guess Afforestation provides most of the oxygen found in the earths atmosphere.

There are many quail species, found in Europe, Asia, North America.

it is found in the earths crust

Insects. Actually. microorganisms are the most common and most abundant species. Three pounds of your body weight is due microbes in you and on your skin.

the answer to your question is most likely to be honey.

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