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a new species of mushrooms found on the AFRICAN island of sao tome has been named after California.the two-inch-long mushroom grows on wood and shaped like a PHALLUS,SAN FRANCISO

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Q: Where are mushrooms found?
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Where can mushrooms be found?

Mushrooms can be found anywhere on the planet but certain species are limited to an area of the world. Mushrooms are mostly popular here in Britain.Mushrooms can be found in one's yard. One should not eat mushrooms found in the yard though, as they may be poisonous.

Where can desert mushrooms be found?

Desert Mushrooms Can Be Found All Throughout Australia.

Do mushrooms have to do with fairies?

Yes fairies can sometimes be found living in mushrooms

What kind of mushrooms can be found growing around willow trees?

Oyster mushrooms.

Where were mushrooms first found?


What are found in the gills of mushrooms?


Is penicillin from mushrooms?

No. Penicillin is derived from a type of mould (initially found on bread), but not from mushrooms

What acid is found in mushrooms?

Indian Ocean

What type of food is found in grasslands?


Why would Wood be found in can of mushrooms?

Because of you

Where can magic mushrooms be found?

In Mianus, CT

What decomposer is found in the forest?

Well since there are many trees in a forest i will say Mushrooms will be found because mushrooms Grow on trees because of the dead bark and so.(mushrooms Grow on dead things)By trees :)

What species are only found in Minnesota?

· The Dwarf trout Lilly · Psathyrella cystidiosa (Mushrooms) · Psathyrella rhodospora (Mushrooms) · Suillus (Fuscoboletinus) weaverae (Mushrooms)

What is a morel mushrooms?

Morel are edible mushrooms, also called Morchella, sponge mushroom and molly moocher. The mushrooms are usually found in French cuisine.

Where are mushrooms on Pokemon FireRed?

Tiny mushrooms and Big mushrooms are sometimes held by the Pokemon Paras and Parasect both can be found in Area 1 of the safari zone.

What nutrients can be found in mushrooms?

fibre and many more

Where can you find a toadstool?

not to be mistaken for mushrooms, they are found in the forest.

Shiitakes morels and chanterelles are found atop pizzas What are they?


What are two organisms found in the fungi kingdom?

mushrooms and mold

Is the fungus found in cheese better for you than mushrooms?


When where mushrooms found?

Mushrooms have been around since before man and therefore we do not know when they were first fond/used/eaten/ by man.

What decomposers can be found on flat grassy plains?

The decomposers such as mushrooms can be found on flat grassy plains.

How many mushrooms on a bar billiard table?

There are no mushrooms on a billiard or pool table. A bumper pool table has mushrooms, although these are rarely found in bars today. The typical bumper pool table has 8 center mushrooms and 2 at each end.

What are some decomposers found in the shrubland?

There are decomposers found in the shrub land. These decomposers are algae and mushrooms. Moss can also be found.

How do you find mushrooms on HorseIsle?

Mushrooms can be found all over the ground on the green grassy areas. (For more help check out: