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Well in the US they have gotten to about episode 200 and it might take with all the translation and then programing the English so, about at least a year or two. sorry I'm waiting too mate.

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When does Naruto shippden game come out?

naruto shippuden games have already come out!!! but im not sure if there are in English, my friend has one in Japanese

Do Sakura hug Sasuke in Naruto shippden?


What Naruto shippden Naruto fight pein?

Try looking on youtube for manga 430

Who is sai's brother in Naruto Shippden?

we never knew his name

Does anko mitarashi play a major role in Naruto Shippden?

No, she does not.

In Disney's xd naruto shippden is there blood?

yes quite a bit actually havent you seen Naruto before?

Where can you watch naruto shippden episodes?

If you want to watch on tv then its on Disney XD.

When is Naruto shippden coming on cartoonetwork?

no naruto shippuden will not priemere on cartoon network but on September 29 naruto shippuden vol 1 will be released on DVD

Who does naruto kill in shippden?

most of akatsuki members some crews with nature chakra

How do you unlock saskuke shippden in Naruto Ultimate Ninja 4?

You cant in four, but i hear you can be him in five

How many episodes of Naruto are there before it becomes shippden?

There are exactly 220 episodes of naruto. All of them can be found in English dubbed or with subs if you know the place to go.

How many episode is in naruto shippden?

Well, the series is continuing, but as of April 23rd, 2011, there are 208 Shippuden Episodes

Does Naruto Shippden ever come to us?

its going to come by the end of the year. IT'LL COME EVENTALY. I HEARD IT WOULD SOMETIME SOON . BY.Answerwolfman

Is naruto shippden going to be on Cartoon Network adult swim?

Unfortunately, no, Naruto Shippuuden will not be coming on cartoon network. Toonami, which showed Naruto and other anime, was taken off air. Cartoon Network stated that if they had kept Toonami and the shows attached to it, they would go bankrupt.

Who kills pain in Naruto shippden?

Naruto kills all the six pains but nagato who controlled them died while reviving all those whom he had killedAll the pains were killed by naruto but nagato who controlled all the pains gave his life to revive all the people he killed

Does narto kiss hinita in narto shippden?


What are the names of some naruto flash games?

You can find some Naruto Flash based games from Flash Card Game Battle, Naruto Fever, My Naruto Games, Brother Games, Games List, and some Naruto fan forums can probably give more links on where to find some Naruto Flash games.

Where is Naruto Shippuden online game?

Naruto GamesSo Many Games of naruto to pick out ofAnimeCrusades.comNaruto Arena (mmorpg)Ninja Manager (mmorpg)Link Below(tons of naruto games)

Where can you find demos of Naruto games?

there are no sites or demos for naruto games

Is there Naruto games for the game-boy?

no there are no naruto games for the gameboy

Where can you buy cheep Naruto games?

You can buy cheap new Naruto games off eBay or you can buy used Naruto games from GameStop.

Are there any Naruto games on xbox 360?

yes, there are 2 games ; naruto the broken bond and naruto rise of a ninja.

Are their Naruto online games?

Yes there are online naruto games. Example - or UzumakiOnline

What Naruto games can you play on nds?

naruto vs sasuke naruto,ninja desteny,

Are there any games about Naruto which you does not have to download?

There are games for the playstation and other game-consoles. There is a Naruto dating sim where you play as Sakura, but it is hentai. There are a lot of flash Naruto games on