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Where are pimples all located at?

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Pimples can appear anywhere on your body. Pimples can appear anywhere on your body.

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Can you have pimples all over your body?

Yes, pimples can surface on all parts of the body.

Does sperms taking out causes pimples?

Yes it puts pimples on face I do it and get pimples all over face I don't now how to stop

What are goose pimples?

goose pimples in when you are nervous or whatever and your skin feels all goosey. cool right.

You have bumps all over your face but its not pimples?

It could be pimples beginning. Or it could be eczema but that is typically on arms.

How do you get rid of pimples quick?

first pop any red ones then clean and dry your pimples. then using a cotton ball dip it in alcohol like when you get a cut. swab the cotton ball with alcohol all over your pimples. its going to burn but some of your pimples will shrink. keep on swabbing your pimples with alcohol every day until your pimples are gone.

Is poping pimples good?

No because the mucus in it when popped will get all over your face and you will get more pimples,no really ,it can leave little scars in some people,not all.

Does Stanazol give you pimples?

yes lots, pimples develop all over the body including around genitalia areas!

Why are pimples called pimples?

cauz they look like pimples

Why do women get pimples underneath their breasts?

You can get pimples and acne all over your body. Under the breasts the bra band can make it worse.

Can you get pimples from someone else?

You do not get pimples from some one else. Pimples are not communicable.

Are you dirty when you have pimples?

Pimples are common during puberty, due to hormonal spurt. You do not look dirty, when you have pimples. Late teenagers go on thinking about the pimples only. Almost every body gets the pimples and that is certainly not a crime to have pimples. So do not go on touching the pimples and do not squeeze them. You look beautiful by smile of the face, even with pimples there on your face.

Do pimples have a white tip on them?

It depends on how they form. All pimples are is dead skin under your living skin. That's why pimples appear white. Most normal pimples have a white tip to them when the dead skin reaches the surface and bubbles out. "Blackheads" are like pimples, but they are a space of where dirt or other dirty substancehas entered one's skin through popping of a pimple. So, yes, pimples have white tips on them when they reach the surface of your skin.

Does popping pimples make more pimples?

Yes. When you pop a pimple, only some of the puss and dirt explodes and comes out of your pores. The rest of it explodes inside your pores, causing more pimples. So, don't pop pimples because it's just gonna cause more pimples that none of us want. I got all of this information straight from my doctor.

What are blood pimples?

what are blood filled pimples

Does chocolate give you pimples?

chocolate does not give you pimples, its hormonal. normally when your stressed you eat chocolate and that's how you get pimples. hormones and stress give you pimples, NOT CHOCOLATE.

How did you get pimples?

You get pimples and spots from not washing your face regularly or having dirty hands and then touching your face, and then this leads to black heads which then soon turn into pimples- that is how you get pimples.

Why do you get pimples on your vagina?

Cause u need to wash it 2 a week and dont touch the pimples or it will spread.. dont worry we've all been through it

If you had a pimples in your forehead what you would do to kiss or hug him?

Having pimples should not stop you from kissing him. If he does not accept you for what you look like maybe you shouldn't want to kiss him after all.

Does peanutbutter give you pimples?

no, not at all Dieting doesnt affect acne

Do people like pimples?

no they don't like pimples

Is eggplant caused by pimples?

Pimples is a funny word.

What is the difference between acne and pimples?

I think that the difference between acne and pimples is this. Acne can sometimes be all over your face and clumped together as well as pimples but pimples are more likely to be spread out and would usually be more likely to fall on top on your forehead. I also think that acne is more likely to be all over you face although many people say that they are the same because pimples are one form of acne. Well, if this is true then there is very little difference between the two.

Does Justin Bieber like girls with pimples?

yes likes girls with pimples He's got pimples too hes dating a girl with pimples named cierra

Will the Zeno device for pimples work on a hairless dog with pimples?

best answer people get pimples from lack of sleep and stress

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