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For Girintina you go to spring path which if you look on the map you will find. For Palkia or Dialga (Depends on which game!) Yo go to spear pillar. The easiest way to get rare Pokemon is by trading with the worldwide thing. Oh yeah for arceus you have to get an azure Flute from a Pokemon event and use it on spear pillar. You can also think up cheats on an action replay!

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2011-09-14 10:47:01
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Q: Where are rare Pokémon in Pokémon Pearl?
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What are the rarest pokmon in Pokemon Pearl?


Where is TM 23 on Pokmon Pearl?

it is in iron mountain it is in iron mountain

Where can you find Rare Candies in Pokmon Soul Silver?

well you are going to have to have the rare candy cheat because you can get heaps or get them from the pokealathon

What Pokmon can be caught on Pokmon Blue?

i dont no get a better game like pokemon ranger pokemon diamon pearl or platinum or black white soul silver heart gold or gardian signs

Rare Candy Pokemon Pearl?

Yes there is rare candy in pearl

Can you capture Pokmon in Pokmon Battle revolution?

you cant

What super-rare Pokemon is there in pearl?

The main rare Pokemon in pearl is palkia

What is the best Pokemon you can get on pearl?

i think that the best Pokemon you can ever have in Pokemon pearl is Empoleon or Palkia not rare^ rare^

Is yanma rare in Pokemon Pearl?

Yes, Yanma is actually extremely rare in Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond.

How rare is mime jr?

Its very rare in Pokemon pearl.

How rare is tyrogue in Pokemon Pearl?

Tyrogue is a moderately rare Pokemon in diamond and pearl. But you can get one by breeding a hitmontop with a ditto

Where do you get steel wing in Pokemon Pearl?

in the pokecave you have to find the rare pearl

How rare are Ditto on pearl?

they are pretty rare but find them at route 218

Can you duplicate rare Pokemon with a Ditto on Pokemon pearl?

its is super RARE

How do you get rare candies on pearl?

Glue them on there.

PLease tell me the directions to the rare Pokemon store in pearl?

What rare Pokemon store?I never saw one in my Pokemon pearl game.

Where to find rare candies pearl?

On diamond and pearl you can find one on route 211 near the little pond you have to surf across it and there is a rare candy

What poke mart do you find rare candies in pearl?

You cannot find any rare candies in Pokemon pearl. you can get them only in dungeons or buried in the ground

Rare candy cheat pearl?

You have to have an action replay to do the rare candy cheat.....sorry! :)

How rare are ditto in Pokemon pearl?

there pretty rare but you can find it with pokeradar on route 218

Pokmon emarld cheats?


How do you get shiney pokmon?

you need orbs.

What rare Pokemon can you catch on pearl?

on pearl you can catch palka or is it palkia? umm i think that's it

Is gligar rare?

Gligar is rare in dimond and pearl but not in Platinum Gligar but you have to use a heavy ball.

Where is the rare candy in floaroma town in Pokemon pearl?

There isn't a Rare Candy in Floaroma. Sorry.