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sperm cells are found in the soil to fertilize the eggs

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Q: Where are sperm cells found?
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Where sperm cells are found?


Where are sperm and egg cells found in angiosperms?


What organelles found abundantly in sperm cells?


Does sperm cells have chloroplast?

Chloroplasts are found only in plants.

Where are sperm cells found in human body?

in the pinus (dick)

What cells discovered of Felix Dujardin?

The cells that Felix found are: -Bacteria -Sperm Cells -Cytoplasm,etc.

Is DNA only found in sperm and ovum?

No, DNA isn't just found in the sperm and ovum. DNA is found in the nucleus of all cells in the body.

What important structures are found inside the nucleus of a sperm cell?

animail cells and plant cells

Which cells are found everywhere in the body except sperm and eggs?

somatic cells, also called body cells

How many sperm cells are found in angiosperm pollen grain?


What is the organelles found abundantly of cells in the meristems?

sperm cell..i guest

Are ribosomes found in sperm cells?

Last time I checked.. Yes.

Is the amount of DNA in human sperm cells higher than the amount of DNA in human body cells?

No. The amount of DNA in human sperm cells is half of the amount found in body cells.

What are the two types of sex cells found in humas?

The gametes found in humans are sperm and eggs

Where are egg cells found in a human body?

In the ovaries and sperm is found in the males testicles : p

What cell part can be found in plant cell but not found in root hair cell?

sperm cells

Are human sperm cells found in both males and females?

No sperm comes from males and ovum come from females.

Where are large numbers of mitochondria found in?

two examples are sperm cells and muscle cells Muscle cells have thousands of mitochondria.

What are the haploid cells found in your body?

sex cells- sperm or eggs, as they only contain half the chromosomes of diploid cells

The only haploid cells found in humans are?

Ova (eggs) in females and sperm in males are haploid cells.

What long whip like projection is found only on sperm cells?


How many chromosomes would be found in turkey's sperm cells?

40 chromosomes

What cells have chloroplasts?

The chloroplast, an organelle, is found on plant cells and other eukaryotics organism that conducts photosynthesis.(they aren't in sperm cells)

What are sperm cells examples of?

Sperm cells are Gametes or sex cells.

What is the difference between undifferentiated sperm cells and sperm?

Undifferentiated sperm cells don't have a tail, and normal sperm cells have a head and tail.