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sperm cells are found in the soil to fertilize the eggs

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No, DNA isn't just found in the sperm and ovum. DNA is found in the nucleus of all cells in the body.

The cells that Felix found are: -Bacteria -Sperm Cells -Cytoplasm,etc.

Chloroplasts are found only in plants.

No. The amount of DNA in human sperm cells is half of the amount found in body cells.

Last time I checked.. Yes.

In the ovaries and sperm is found in the males testicles : p

The gametes found in humans are sperm and eggs

two examples are sperm cells and muscle cells Muscle cells have thousands of mitochondria.

sex cells- sperm or eggs, as they only contain half the chromosomes of diploid cells

No sperm comes from males and ovum come from females.

Ova (eggs) in females and sperm in males are haploid cells.

The chloroplast, an organelle, is found on plant cells and other eukaryotics organism that conducts photosynthesis.(they aren't in sperm cells)

Undifferentiated sperm cells don't have a tail, and normal sperm cells have a head and tail.

The sperm whale is only one species of whale, named for the substance spermacetae found in the oil, nothing to do with sperm cells.

Sperm cells are Gametes or sex cells.

They are found in the human body such as: skin cells red blood cells white blood cells sperm cells nerve cells etc. Thanks.

women do not have sperm cellsANSWERwomen have egg cells. men have sperm cells

The important structures that are found inside of nucleus of a sperm cell are chromosomes. Sperm cells have two different chromosomes, one X and one Y.

The endoplasmic reticulum is found in most human cells; it is not found in red blood cells or sperm cells. Its functions include protein synthesis and lipid metabolism.

Sperm and egg cells, or any cell that only contains one set of chromosomes, are called haploid cells.

Sperm cells form in the testes.

Yes, sperm cells do have organelles.

Sperm cells and egg cells are called sex cells or gametes.

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