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Where are taste buds not found?

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Anywhere that isn't your tongue.

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What three types of cells are found in taste buds?

The different taste buds are the cellulite taste buds, the cobolosal taste buds and the pencil shavings taste buds . I hope my answers help you in future.

Where are taste buds not found in the mouth?

Taste buds are only found on the tongue. They cover the top completely. There are sections for sweet, sour, salty, and bitter taste buds.

What is the name of the bumps found in your tongue?

The bumps on your tongue are called taste buds. Taste buds are what taste your food.

What taste bud is in the back of the tongue?

Bitter taste buds are found at the back of the tongue. Sweet/salty taste buds are in the front of the tongue, sour taste buds are on both sides whereas the middle of the tongue has very few taste buds at all.

Where are taste buds found?

In the mouth and on the tongue

Taste buds are found on the?

i believe they are found under your toe.

Where are the taste buds found?

The taste buds are found on the top portion of the tongue so that you can know how the food that your eating tastes. Also, your taste buds tell you if something is too hot or too cold while entering your mouth.

Taste buds are not found?

lining the buccal cavity

Does 900 taste buds cover the tongue?

The human tongue has about 10,000 taste buds. Found @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taste_bud

Does snail have taste buds?

No they do not have taste buds, but they can still taste

What type of papillae are the taste buds?

Papillae arn't taste buds. Taste buds are in the papillae.

Where else besides your tongue can taste buds be found?

Besides the tongue, taste buds can be found on soft palate, a few on tonsillar pillars, on epiglottis and on proximal part of oesophagus.

Where on your tongue are taste buds located?

The four basic kinds of tastes are: sweet, salty, sour and bitter. The salty/sweet taste buds are located near the front of the tongue; the sour taste buds line the sides of the tongue; and the bitter taste buds are found at the very back of the tongue. The center of the tongue has few taste buds. Babies have more taste buds than older children and adults. Not only do babies have taste buds on the tongue, but also on the sides and roof of the mouth. Taste buds disappear from the sides and roof of the mouth as a baby gets older, leaving taste buds mostly on the tongue.

Taste buds are found mainly on papillae?

yes, and papillae are found on the tongue

Do your taste buds taste mayones?

Yes your taste buds can taste mayonnaise, unless all of your taste buds are dead, than you cant taste anything.

Are there taste buds in your nose?

No, there are no taste buds in your nose.

Do chameleons have taste buds?

yes they do have taste buds

Do hot cheetos eat your taste buds?

No , it cannot eat out your taste buds because your taste buds is not fragile .

Do ants have taste buds?

ants have taste buds but cannot taste like we can !

What are the differences between children's and adults' taste buds?

The only differene between adults taste buds and children taste buds are that children have more taste buds.

What are boy taste buds?

Almost every body has taste buds but girls have more than boys. There are no actual girl taste buds nor boy taste buds.

Do bees have taste buds?

yes bees have taste buds .

How many taste buds are in your mouth?

there are 10,000 taste buds .

What will numb your taste buds?

There are a great many things that can numb your taste buds. Orajel can numb your taste buds for example.

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