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Ethiopian Highlands,

It is also the rugged plateau region of Africa, covering about two thirds of Ethiopia. It is divided into two massifs by the Great Rift Valley; the Amhara, or Ethiopian Plateau, is the larger of the two. The region, which slopes away from either side of the Great Rift Valley, is composed of a series of mountains and valleys; Ras Dashen (15,158 ft/4,620 m), Ethiopia's highest peak, is there.

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Where are the ethiopian highlands?

The Ethiopian highlands are located in the middle of Ethiopia around addis abba.

Which direction is Ethiopian highlands located?


What is the height of ethiopian highlands?

The elevation of the Ethiopian Highlands is 4550 m

What are 3 important unique facts about ethiopian highlands?

3 facts about Ethiopian highlands

What is the moutainous region located near the horn of east Africa?

The Ethiopian Highlands

Where is lake turkana located in Africa?

In the great Rift Valley, between Kenya and Ethiopian Highlands

Which physical feature is located in eastern Africa and is south of the Ethiopian Highlands and northwest of Mt Kenya?

The physical feature that is located in eastern Africa and is south of the Ethiopian Highlands and northwest of Mt. Kenya is the Great Rift Valley. It consists of low plateaus and plains.

What continent is mtbatu in?

Mount Batu is the second highest peak of the Ethiopian Highlands. The highlands is in Ethiopia, located in the Horn region, northeast part of Africa.

What is the continent of Ethiopian highlands?

Africa ;)

What is a platue in Africa?

The Ethiopian Highlands

What continent are the ethiopian highlands in?


What country is the ethiopian highlands in?


What is the highest peak in the ethiopian highlands?

The highest peak in the Ethiopian highlands is Ras Dashen. At 4543 meters, it is the fourth highest mountain in Africa.

What do people do for work in ethiopian highlands?


What is the elevation of the ethiopian highlands?


What animals are in Ethiopian highlands?

walia ibex

What are the mountains and plateaus of Ethiopia called?

The Ethiopian Highlands.

What kind of animals live in a highland?

Many animals but it depends which highlands. The snow leopard and markhor live in the highlands of Tibet and the Himalayan mountains while the Ethiopian wolf lives in the Ethiopian highlands so many animals live there but you need to be specific about which highlands.

Where Blue Nile start?

At Lake Tana in the Ethiopian Highlands.

What is the weather like in the ethiopian highlands?

cold and very windy

What river flows from the Ethiopian Highlands to the Indian Ocean?


Where does most rainfall enter the Nile River?

In the Ethiopian Highlands.

Where does the Ethiopian wolf live?

The highlands above 3500 feet in Ethiopia.

Is Ethiopian Highlands In the East West North or south in Africa?


Where in Egypt does melted snow and monsoon rain occur?

The Ethiopian Highlands