Pokemon Silver Gold and Crystal

Where are the HMS in pokemon silver?


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  • HM Rock smash on route 36
  • HM Cut from charcoal mna in ilex forest
  • HM Surf in Ecruteak City
  • HM Fly in Cianwood City
  • HM Strength from a hiker on route 42
  • HM Waterfall on the Ice Path

These were all I found in my Soul Silver guide.

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hi chris here you can't get just tms you have to get the HMS to

every where in the jonto region but rock climb is in the kanto region

In Pokemon series, you generally find HMs soon before or right after you beat gym leaders.

in blackthorn city there is a house full of people that can teach moves to pokemon, make pokemon forget moves etc;

No but if you go to the move deleter in Blackthorn city he can make your Pokemon forget HMs

Red is in Mt. Silver. To get through Mt. Silver, you need to use the HMs Surf, Waterfall, Rock Climb, and Strength. That would be 4 HMs.

HMs cannot be found in Pokemon Sun or Moon. Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon introduced a new mechanic called Ride Pokemon that will take the place of HMs that were used to clear obstacles in previous games.

Yes both TMs and HMs have unlimited uses in Pokemon Black and White.

Arceus, Bibarel, Floatzel, and Mew are four Pokemon that can learn at least four different HMs.

Mew can learn all HMs and TMs however you cannot obtain it normally in Pokemon White.

HM 1 teaches your Pokemon the move "Cut" HM 2 teaches your Pokemon the move "Fly" Be careful when you teach HMs, they cannot be removed from your Pokemon until you find the move deleter.

An HM is short for 'Hidden Machine'. It teaches a Pokemon a move that can also be used outside of battle, and can be reused to teach any number of Pokemon.In Pokemon Generation IV, there are 8 HMs. In Heart Gold and Soul Silver, the HMs are as follows:HM01: CutHM02: FlyHM03: SurfHM04: StrengthHM05: WhirlpoolHM06: Rock SmashHM07: WaterfallHM08: Rock Climb

iron island but have some Pokemon that have HMS

Hidden Moves or HMs can be deleted using the Move Deleter in Canalave City

no they cant hold them but you can teach it to them

u cant get tms or hms,but maybe at a higher level ur pokemon can learn it also,u dont NEED hms in this game

there are 50 TMs in Pokemon gold, and 7 HMs

there is no dive on pokemon pearl.. they have other hms instead(:

In the top of the battle tower

There is no HM08 in Pokemon Crystal. Pokemon Crystal has only 7 HMs that are available to use.

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