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Where are the Moody Blues now?

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2008-01-12 04:05:44

The Moody Blues are still around, and still touring. The band

now consists of Justin Hayward, John Lodge and Graeme Edge. Mike

Pinder left quite some time ago, and Ray Thomas just recently.

There is allso a blue-grass tribute to the Moody Blues out right

now that you can order through any music store. Or if you like the

lead singer you can check him out on his web-site, Well worth the trip there. You can order

some of his solo work too. They have about 45 albums or d.v.d's.

Their music is hard to explain, you have to hear it for

your-selves!!They are a very loyal band to each other. They have

been together since the early 1960's. if you get the chance to see

them, do it!! you can check on the web-site

for all the latest Moody Blues updates.You will never forget them

,once you see them. Go to their website to

find out.

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