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Where are the auditions held?

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Where are the auditions for joyous celebration held?

Where are the joyous celebration auditions held

Where are laguardia high school auditions held?

The auditions for Laguardia High School are held at the school

Are the gregor the overlander auditions in Los Angeles?

The auditions are going to be held in Hollywood, but I don't know when. The auditions are going to be held in Hollywood, but I don't know when.

Where the TV auditions are held?

go to a place that the auditions are held for the movies T.V shows or etc. and strut your stuff!

Where will cherub auditions be held?


Where are BTG auditions held?


When auditions will held in Indore?


Where will the Skulduggery Pleasant film auditions be held?

No-one actually knows the specific place but the auditions are said to be held somewhere in America.

When will the auditions be held for escape from scorpion island?

The auditions will be held after the deadline, which is on 5th February 2010, but not everyone who applys get's in the show!

Are tryouts for The Lightning Thief open auditions?

They have already held auditions for The Titans Curse!

Where will Catching Fire auditions be held?

They will probably be held in North Carolina because that's where the first movie was filmed. It is unlikely that they will hold open auditions as the first movie was private auditions only.

Where are the auditions held for Twilight saga Eclipse?

Auditions have already taken place for eclipse try out for breaking dawn held in 2010. sorry

Are there Disney auditions being held on June 18 2016 in Texas?

Yes, there were Disney auditions held in Texas on 6/18/2016.

Is there any Disney auditions held in Indonesia?


Where are The Vampire Diaries auditions held?


Where are the Harry Potter auditions located?

The auditions were held in different locations. Mainly in Earls Court.

Where were the 2009 X Factor auditions?

Auditions were held in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff and Glasgow.

Are there any Disney channel auditions now in dallas tx?

No most of auditions are held in califoria

Where are auditions for kids held?

They will be held somewhere in the US, but no one knows where yet

Where are the Australia's got talent auditions held?

where is australia's got talent held

When and where dance India dance-2 auditions in Delhi are going to be held?

when & where dance India dance auditions held in Delhi? whats the predecessor of registration?

When will the auditions for the Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters be held?

The auditions are over, sadly. They are filming right now.

Is there any auditions for Disney channel in Louisiana?

There are various auditions held throughout the year. As of September of 2014, there are currently no Disney channel auditions in Louisiana.

Where are auditions held in Maryland to be on Nickelodeon?

In new york

Where xfacter auditions beeing held in 2012?