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Q: Where are the august bugs and fish on animal crossing ds?
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How many bugs are in Animal Crossing City Folk?

There are 64 bugs & fish!

Is there on Animal Crossing turtles you can catch?

No you can only catch bugs and fish

How can you get lots of money on animal crossing Wii?

You can sell fruit, fish, bugs, and furniture.

A list of all expensive fish for Animal Crossing?

go on animal crossing official site and it gives you prices for all fish, all bugs and basically everything you need to know.

What is the easiest way to get money on Animal Crossing City Folk?

You can sell fish. You can also catch bugs.

How do you earn fast bells on animal crossing wild world?

sell fish, bugs, shells and fruit

What is the code in animal crossing wild world that makes you have all of the fish and bugs registered?

you need to catch a tarantula and a scorpion and you will have all of the fish and bugs. from joe age 7

Easy money on animal crossing wild world?

sell fish, bugs, fossils, fruit,shells etc.

How do you make money quickly in Animal Crossing Wild World?

By working hard- catching fish, bugs, fossils, etc.

What is the coelacanth on Animal Crossing?

the coelacanth on animal crossing is the biggest fish (besides the shark) (= it is worth a lot of money and its one of the rarest fish in animal crossing

How do you get money on Animal Crossing?

You can fish, catch bugs, and sometimes shake trees and money will come out. When you catch the fish or bug you go to Tom Nook and sell it to him

What time of the year is it to fish in Animal Crossing?

Basically any time of year just like bugs, there are just different fish at different times of year.

When can you catch a napoleon fish in Animal Crossing City Folk?

July-August All Day in the Ocean

Can you get a pet cat on animal crossing wild world?

No but your able to have fish and bugs as pets. Email me at if you have an more questions

How many fish are there in Animal Crossing?

There are 64 different fish in the newest game, Animal Crossing: City Folk/Let's Go To the City. See link below for more about fish in Animal Crossing.

What is the rarest fish on Animal Crossing?

The rarest fish in the Animal Crossing series is the Coelacanth. It can only be caught in rainy weather.

How do you get rich on Animal Crossing City Folk?

all you have to do is shake trees sell stuff to nook you don't need or catch fish and bugs.

How do you complete your museum in Animal Crossing City Folk?

Donate all paintings, bugs, fish and fossils to the museum. You then receive a museum model.

Is the Animal Crossing dead fish real?

There is no 'dead fish' in Animal Crossing Wild World. All fish are living, and fish do not die in the game. It is a false myth.

Can you beat Animal Crossing?

In a way, yes. To "beat" Animal Crossing, you need to pay off your mortgage, complete the museum, collect all bugs and fish, and complete the catalog. You could also collect all the golden tools.

How is an easy way to get money on Animal Crossing Wild World?

well the easyest way is: digging up fossils catching fish catching bugs

What is the biggest fish on Animal Crossing Wii?

The biggest fish on animal crossing city folk (on Wii) is a shark. you find them in summer they have a fin.

Can you buy fish on Animal Crossing wild world?

no but you can sell fish

Is it possible to beat Animal Crossing City Folk?

You can not technically beat Animal Crossing: City Folk. You just keep collecting items, fish, bugs, and fossils and make your house look the way you want it to look with your own style.

Can you breed fish on Animal Crossing?

sadly, no. if you have a pet fish on animal crossing, and you want a baby version of that fish, it isn't possible. you can get another kind of that fish, though, if you catch it with your fishing pole.