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Generally speaking, it should be at the top of the caliper where the brake line enters, so that when you bleed them the air will rise to the highest point and escape.

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Where is egr valve located on dodge Dakota 1997?

A 1997 Dodge Dakota does not have an EGR Valve.

Where is the ecu located on 2002 Dodge Dakota truck?

Were is the ecm located on a 2001 dakota

How do you replace a ecm for a 2000 dodge Dakota?

its three screws. and threw plugs

Where is the cabin air filter located on a 2004 Dodge Dakota?

There is no cabin filter on a 2004 Dodge Dakota.

Where is the starter solenoid located on 1999 Dodge Dakota?

The starter solenoid on a Dodge Dakota is built on the starter.

Does an 89 Dodge Dakota have a voltage regulator Where is it located?

The engine computer is the voltage regulator. Located on the inner fender.

Where is the blower motor resistor located on a 1994 dodge Dakota truck?

For the v6 is it located on the passenger side of the firewall. It has a wire harness connected to it and 2 screws holding it on. Hope this helps!

Where is the thermostat located on a 2002 Dodge Durango?

i had a Dakota with the V8 .and if it is like the 97 dodge Dakota it will be on the housing from the top radiator hose

Where is the diagnostic connector located on a 1990 dodge Dakota?

The obd port on a 1990 Dodge Dakota is under the hood, along the firewall..

Where is the heater core located in a 1991 Dodge Dakota?

The heater core on a Dodge Dakota is inside the HVAC housing, under the dash.

Where is the egr valve located on a 1997 Dodge Dakota 5.2?

there in no egr valve on a 1997 dodge Dakota 5.2 318 Auto Zone is wrong

Why will a 1992 Dodge Dakota stall when cold?

It is your Idle Airflow Censor. It is located behind your air intake manifold by two screws. Take it out and clean it off and it will fix your problem.

Where is the transmission filter on a 2004 Dodge Dakota?

it is located in the pan

Where is the factory amp located in a 2011 Dodge Dakota?

There is none

Where is 1990 dodge Dakota fuel filter located?

1990 dodge dakota 5 speed manual 2 wheel drive 4 cylider

Dodge Dakota neutral switch?

The neutral safety switch on a Dodge Dakota will keep the engine from starting when the truck is in gear. It is located in the transmission case.

2005 Dodge Dakota flasher location?

The flasher in a Dodge Dakota should be located in the fuse box. The box is under the drivers side of the dash.

Where is the air condition fan located on 1992 dodge Dakota?

There is no air conditioning fan on a 1992 dakota.

Where is the oil pan located on a 1999 Dodge Dakota?

At the bottom of the engine.

Where is the fuel filter located on 04 dodge Dakota?

In the fuel tank

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1991 Dodge Dakota?

It is in the fuel tank.

Where is the fuel filter located on your 2004 dodge Dakota?

in the gas tank

Where is the Camshaft position sensor located on a 1988 dodge Dakota?

It is in the distributor.

Where is the transmission pan located on a 2005 Dodge Dakota?

It is on the bottom of the trans.

Where is a crank sensor located for a 1990 Dodge Dakota?

Inside the distributor