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north west territories or in diavik or ekati

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Does Canada have diamond mines?

Yes it does.

Where would you find diamond mines?

Diamond mines are found in Russia, Africa, Canada, Australia, India, Brazil and even in USA.

Which place is rich for diamond mines?

Many places on earth are rich with diamond mines, including countries in Africa, Brazil, Australia, India, Canada, Russia and more.

What territory of Canada produces the most diamonds?

From the list of diamond mines, below, it appears that Northwest Territories is the location of the most mines.

How many diamond mines are there?

There are 11 major producing diamond countries in the world today. The Catoca Diamond Mine in Angola, for example, is the 4th largest diamond mine in the world and is one of about 35 active diamond mines in Africa, Russia, Australia, Borneo, and Canada.

Where do you get the magnifying glass in diamond mines?

there is no magnifing glass in diamond mines!

What are diamond mines used for?

Diamond mines are used for mining diamonds.

Which country does not have produtive diamond mines?

There are no productive diamond mines in USA.

How many provinces in Canada have diamonds?

There are 7 diamond mines in Canada. There are 4 in the Northwest Territories, 2 in Nunavut and 1 in Ontario.

Are there gold and diamond mines in Ghana?

yes there is golds and diamond mines in Ghana

Which jewl is the nabooti jewel in diamond mines in poptropica?

The white Jewel is in the diamond mines

What diamond do you pick at the diamond mines?

The diamond with the symbol on it.

Are there gold and diamond mines?

Yes, there are gold mines and yes, there are diamond mines. The two resources have not been mined from the same mine.

The Kohinoor diamond was found in the mines of?

Found in the mines of India.

Does Krakatoa have diamond mines?


How do you get the hard hat for Diamond Mines 1?

You go to Big Zeke in the Safari and go through the Diamond Mines.

How many diamonds are left in Canada?

Because the diamond mines have not been exhausted, it is not possible to predict how many more remain to be mined.

Who owns the diamond mines?

Your answer depends on the diamond mine you reference. Most diamond mines are owned by different companies. For example, in Canada, from their Wikipedia page: "The mine is owned by a joint venture between the Rio Tinto and Dominion Diamond Corporation, and is operated by Diavik Diamond Mines Inc., a subsidiary of Rio Tinto Group." In Australia, the Argyle Mine is owned by the Rio Tinto Group. In Russia, the Udachnaya pipe is owned by Alrosa. In Africa, The (Botswana) Orapa diamond mine is owned by Debswana.

What has the author James Franklin written?

James Franklin has written: 'On the diamond mines of Panna in Bundelkhand' -- subject(s): Mines and mineral resources, Diamond mines and mining

Does the island of Krakatoa have diamond mines?

no it does not

Do diamond mines exist in the country of Egypt?

There are no significant diamond mines in Egypt, certainly none in Cairo.

How do diamond mines form?

Diamond mines are formed by mankind using earth movers, dynamite, and other mining techniques. Diamond mines are dug around volcanic pipes which erupt bringing diamonds closer to the earth's surface.

Is there diamond mines in Arizona?

I do not believe there are any diamond mines not only in Arizona, but it would be pretty hard to find one anywhere in the USA.

Is Kimberley Clarke the same as Kimberley Diamond Mines?

No. Kimberly Clark is a consumer products conglomerate: Kimberley Diamond Mines is in the mining business.

How do you click on the diamond with the symbol on diamond mines?

use your magnifying glass and hold it over diamond

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