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Q: Where are the directions to get the braille key from mount ember?
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Where do you find the braille key in Pokemon LeafGreen?

There is no item called a Braille Reader in any Pokemon game. However, in Pokemon Emerald, the player does not need to be able to read the visual braille in order to obtain the Regis Pokemon, and many players have already decoded and shared their findings on the internet.

Where is the braille key in Pokemon Ruby?

There isn't a key for the braille in game, however if you still have the Pokemon Emerald game book there is a braille key in the back. Failing this you could google 'Braille key' or something similar and it will show you what each letter corresponds to on Pokemon.

What to do when in dotten cave?

look inside and read the braille tablets. follow the directions. it will lead u to the sapphire. (u can find a braille key in the back section of some dictionaries.) grab the sapphire and take it to celio on 1 island.

Are unowns the key to the braille in Pokemon emerald?

No they are not, braille and the unown are two different alphabet systems.

How do you get the braille key in Pokemon FireRed?

You must go to the island and then enter a cave that is nearest the island. Once inside in order to obtain the braille key you must clear the rocket grunts. Once cleared you will see a room that contains the braille key.

How do you read the braille in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Braille key. With each Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed and LeafGreen version, you should obtain a Braille Key in the box. This gives you the symbols and the letters they stand for - which are used in the game. If you do not have this, it is easy to find. Wikipedia gives a Braille key under the heading "Writting Braille". Pokemon only uses the alphabetic letters and the symbols for the full stop and the comma.

Where is the key to Mount olymias on Poptropica?

where is the key to Mount Olimpus

Where do you get the braille key?

Braille is a type of writing that blind people use to read. In Pokémon, braille is a secret code to unlock things like the unowns. There is not one in the game.

Where is the tanoby key in Pokemon firered?

tanoby key? do you mean braille key? If so, it's in the one island tunnel where you get the ruby.

What is under a braille key board?

Most likely a table or flat surface.

Where do you get the key for mount Olympus on mythology?

there is no key

How do you get the braille key in Pokemon LeafGreen?

How many times have I answered this.... It's in a cave on one island