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The engineering degree requirements should be located at your online degree website. If it's not listed, I would call in to ensure you are following the procedures and taking the right classes.

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Q: Where are the engineering degree requirements at?
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What are the requirements to have an engineering degree?

It actually depends on what kind of engineer you want to be because there's many different kinds of engineering. If you go to they will have the requirements you need for your kind of engineering.

If you did geological engineering for your degree can you do your masters in petrochemical engineering?

You can as long as you meet the entrance requirements particular to that program.

What is the requirements for being an engineer?

Anyone can be an enginner, there are no official requirements to hold an engineering job. It would be useful to get an engineering degree, since most entry level engineering jobs require either a degree or relevant experience. Some engineering jobs require you to be a certified Professional Engineer.

What are the requirements for a computer engineering degree?

Computer engineering combines electrical engineering with computer science, and the requirements include education in both fields. The best place to start is by beginning a bachelor of science program.

What are the educational requirements needed to get a bachelor's degree?

The specific course requirements depends on the major. Each will have requirements particular to themselves. For instance, the requirements for a bachelor's degree in communication will be much different than a bachelor's degree in engineering. Once you decide on a major, you will be able to obtain the exact requirements.

What are the requirements for admission into Cornell university?

Requirements for admission depend on the desired area of study and the degree you're pursuing. Requirements for a bachelor degree in Hotel Administration are very different from those for Engineering or Architecture.

Academic requirements for civil engineering career?

It depends almost entirely on where you are seeking the degree or career.

How can a sociology student become a civil engineer?

Start loading up on engineering course prerequisites, and then take the engineering courses to satisfy the requirements for a degree in civil engineering.

What does it take to get and Engineering degree if you already have a 4 year chemistry degree?

The exact answer depends on the program and the school, but if you already have a BS degree then you usually need to complete those courses in the engineering degree that you don't have from the chemistry degree. Since the degree means you have completed your 'general education' requirements, the classes you would take would be the ones specifically for the engineering degree (i.e. in engineering). The other course work would have already been counted.

Where can someone get a computer engineering degree?

Someone can get a computer engineering degree by going to school and getting a bachelors degree in computer engineering. An electrical engineering degree is similar to a computer engineering degree.

What are the requirements for an optical engineer job?

The requirements for an optical engineering job include a high school and college diploma with a concentration in a relevant field, such as optical engineering, physics, or engineering. However, many higher paying opportunities in optical engineering will be available to those with a relevant and advanced degree.

How long does it take to get your engineering degree?

Engineering Degree

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