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The fuel pump is located between the number 4 cylinder and the distributor cap. Two hoses should be coming in from the pasenger side of the firewall to the pump and one should be leaving the pump to the carb. The fuel filter is located at the back of the car. If you go to where the gas cap is on the drivers side and go underneath the car there will be a shroud with three bolts holding it on. if you remove these three bolts you will see the fuel filter there. It is in a little cradle that can be unbolted so that it makes it easier to remove the filter. On one side of the filter is a clip that you push in to remove the filter from the cradle.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-14 10:50:02
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Q: Where are the fuel filter and fuel pump located on a 1985 Honda Civic 2 door 1.3 engine?
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