Where are the ingredients found for rock candy?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Where are the ingredients found for rock candy?
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What is the difference between rock candy and hard candy?

well first of all rock candy is supposed to look like a rock (duh!) hard candy is usually made of different ingredients than rock candy all candy is made different but really there is no difference i just found out there are certain things to make rock candy rock candy is made over time meaning you have to wait a few weeks if you make it yourself but hard candy like jolly ranchers are kinda baked if that's what you could call it

Is powder sugar one of the ingredients in rock candy?

No, but regular sugar is

What ingredients does a candy bar have?

It depends on the candy bar.... it will tell you what ingredients are in it on the back of the candy bar

How do you make candy without a candy thermometer?

You can make rock candy or lollipops, and other types of candy from sugar and various ingredients. Some have to be cooked, so this requires supervision by someone who understands the process.

What are three ingredients found in makeup?

Rock Minerals Moisturizer botox

How do rock candy from?

how do rock candy from

What is the Hypothesis for rock candy?

no the rock candy is not a mineral or a rock it is candy made of sugar

Is rock candy a rock?

No. Rock candy is crystallized sugar.

Were to buy rock candy?

You buy rock candy at a candy store

Were did candy come from?

They had to make the candy and they made some of the candy from natural ingredients

Where is rock candy made?

In the rock candy factory...

Can you give me ingredients for rock candy?

The primary, and only necessary, ingredient in Rock Candy is sugar. Rock candy is made with sugar is dissolved into warmed water, forming a syrup. Usually something like a popsicle stick is partially submerged in the solution, and over a period of time (a week?) sugar crystals will start to form and collect on the stick, forming rock candy. People add optional coloring and flavoring to improve the final product. That's pretty much it, there are many "How to make rock candy" videos and pages on the net.