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Russia is the world's largest mineral and energy supply and is known as an "energy superpower", containing 22% of the world's oil, 16% of the world's coal, and 40% of the world's natural gas. Very well known for its tree's, Russia has 1/5 of the world's timber and wood, no surprise. iron ore, nickel, coal, gold, diamonds, furs, petroleum, zinc, aluminum, tin, lead, platinum, titanium, copper, tungsten phosphates, and Mercury are the most popular Natural Resources that Russia provides. Russia has many advantages, and a few disadvantages, for its very hard to mine up north rather then down south. Below are some short notes about the large amounts of natural resources in Russia:

  • Has the worlds largest oil reserves
  • Second largest coal reserves
  • 1/5 largest lead reserves
  • Largest reserves of water in lakes
  • Largest diamond deposits
  • Second largest potassium reserves
  • Enormous fish reserves

Russia's forest resources, also known as Taiga, are larger then America's mainland! Taiga contains 1/3 of the worlds timber, and is home to numerous animal resources.

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Q: Where are the natural resources in Russia?
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