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e They are marked on the barrel.

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Your browning sweet sixteen was made by browning in 1954.

You will have to call browning with the sn to find out.

your browning auto-5 was made in 1925.

I own a Browning A5, 12ga,Japan made shotgun, ser: 04078. what is it worth?

your browning auto-5 was made in 1951.

Yes. No matter where they were made, Browning products were well made.

your browning auto-5 shotgun was made in 1928.

You will have to check the link.

Your browning auto-5 shotgun was made for browning by FN of belguim in 1925, with the serial number that you provided.

No. During WWII, Browning had Remington make an American A5 for them. Those guns were stamped Browning Arms Co St. Louis Mo., but they were actually made by Remington in New York.

They never did. 14 ga was never made in any model by Browning

your browning auto-5 shotgun was made in 1952.

Your Browning auto-5 magnum shotgun was made in the year 1960.

How do you remove the breech block on a Browning A5 16ga shot gun

Which guage? If 12ga it was made in 1926 If 16ga, it was made in 1930

This was made in 1954. What is your question?

1951 was the year this gun was made