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if you want a cheat on how to get a mew on your first trip to cerelean city go to YouTube and search how to get a mew in leafgreen or firered. or simply type mew(never tried that) ^^


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by rara do u mean rare if so your starter is rare

you find rare candy in the random pokeballs

a44afb0b687970 for rare candy]

pokemon fire red 1000masterballs and rare candies

you can get it by this code 820258400044 in your pc

in mt moon-it is very rare

Rare Pokemon that can be caught in firered are: Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, Mewtwo, Raikou/Suicune/Entei (depends on which starter Pokemon you choose).

you cant get or find any rare dogs without cheats

You cannot purchase rare candy anywhere in the game.

Yes you can. There are rare Pokemon like Deoxys,Mew,MewTwo,Ho-oh,Lugia Moltres,Zapdos,The other legendary bird,and some other PokemonAnswerYou can catch rare Pokemon on every Pokemon game, especially FireRed. The rare or legendary Pokemon that can be caught in FireRed are: ArticunoZapdosMoltresMewtwoMew (Event Pokemon)Raikou (if you chose Squirtle)Entei (if you chose Bulbasaur)Suicune (if you chose Charmander)Lugia (Event Pokemon)Ho-Oh (Event Pokemon)Deoxys [Attack form] (Event Pokemon)All other rare Pokemon from the Hoenn region (such as Kyogre and Rayquaza) must be traded to FireRed.

They are found in Viridian Forest, but are rare.

they spell the alphabet and maybe you get a rare Pokemon

You have to have the action replay DS cheats to get a lot of rare candies............

he's a rare Pokemon in the power plantIt is found in the power plant, but it is rare. Or you can trade it from Pokemon XD.Electabuzz is found in the power plant and it's rare to find.

the rare Pokemon in fire red are the legendary Pokemon and there is only one of each. they are Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Mewtwo, Lugia, Ho-Oh and Deoxys

You can Give it to your Pokemon to hold not use then Clone the Pokemon at your PC

No, it's impossible without gameshark

The item duplication glitch (or Rare Candy glitch) can't be done in Pokemon FireRed version.

have emerald clone Pokemon with a rare candy 999 times they catch 999 Pokemon that your already caught use repeat ball that it

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