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Where are the serial numbers located on a Wards Western Field Model 30 shotgun?

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The Model 30 is a take-down gun, with the serial # on the lower tang behind the trigger guard, and alson on the barrel, once removed from the frame. I believe the gun is a Stevens 520 or 620 with Wards name on it.

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It doesn't have one, these were produce before serial numbers were required. It doesn't have one, these were produce before serial numbers were required.

It probably does not have one. Serial numbers were not required on shotguns manufactured or imported before 1969.

If you cannot easily see a serial number, then it was manufactured prior to 1968 and doesn't have one.

Trying to find serial numbers for a western field shotgun would prove to be very difficult.There were many makers of shotguns for the montgomery wards company.some of these include mossberg,savage,stevens,and noble.It would be best if you include the western field model number of your shotgun and then we can convert that number to the original maker of your shotgun.Then we would be able to find the makers model number.You must remeber that prior to the gun control act of 1968 weapons were not required to have serial numbers on them.

Serial numbers were not required before 1968. If it has one, check under the forearm, on the barrel and on the action.

There is no serial number on your shotgun. Serial numbers were not required befroe 1968.

Serial numbers were not required until 1968

There were no serial numbers stamped on the original Winchester Mdl. 37, single shot shotgun.

Serial numbers were not required on rifles and shotguns until 1968.

the serial numbers are located on the left side of the barrel by the breach mine numbers on mine are 44678

It won't have one. There may be some numbers under the barrel on the forearm, but they will not be serial numbers.

Made in 1910.The serial numbers of the model 1901 started where the model 1887 shotgun left off.the serial number start for this model is 64856.It should be noted that some serial numbers were skipped between 1904-1920.Total production was 13,500 shotguns including the serial numbers skipped.My records indicate that your shotgun was made in 1906.

The Browning website has a page enabling you to find your shotgun's age, but you have to know the type of shotgun you own. Go to the page, then click on the type of shotgun it is - there are 15 types - and then reading the page for that gun's serial numbers. Look for the series of serial numbers that includes the one you are interested in: #48162.

Remington Model 550-1 does not have serial numbers.

Ithaca Firearms manufactured the Lefever Nitro Special shotgun with serial numbers between 101600 and 119899 in 1922.

You will need to check your serial number again.Winchester serial numbers for the Model 1897 shotgun only go as high as 1,024,700.

the mossberg 185 does not have a serial number, it is out of the time period where serial numbers were not forced to be used

What is it (rifle, shotgun, handgun) and who made it? What are the markings/words on it?

Depending on who made it, they may or not be published. And, depending on when it was made, they may or not exist. Serial numbers were not required on long arms in the US until 1969.

Chances are that your shotgun was a model 385k,or a 395K model shotgun made by Mossberg firearms company.

The Western Field 12 gauge side by side shotgun, serial number 30415 is valued at $225 in excellent condition. In fair condition it is valued at $125.

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