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Where are the subway stops in Mexico City Mexico?


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The Subway system is very large and almost every place in Mexico City has a subway stop, however, the most important stations for tourists are the following: * LINE 1 * Insurgentes: Near Colonia Roma and Colonia Condesa. * San Lázaro: Outside Palacio Legislativo.

* LINE 2 * Bellas Artes: located outside the Palace of Fine Arts, The Central Bank of Mexico, The Postal Palace, The House of Azulejos and Alameda Park among other important places. * Zocalo: located at the Zocalo, or Central Square, where the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Palace, Templo Mayor (aztec ruins), and the Supreme Court of Justice are. * Allende: in the middle of downtown Mexico City. * Revolucion: near the Monument to Revolution, and the Chopo Museum.

* LINE 3 * Universidad: Outside the National Autonomous University * Coyoacan: As it's name says, at Coyoacan.

* LINE 5 * Terminal Aerea: At the International Airport

* LINE 6 * La Villa: At the Basilica of Guadalupe, the largest religious center in America.

* LINE 7 * Polanco: In the middle of the most exclusive zone of the city, near Av. Masaryk, a street with the finest brands of the world. * Auditorio: In Paseo de la Reforma, near the National Auditorium and Chapultepec Castle.