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the body shop is right at the entrance the body shop is right at the entrance

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Was the Underground Railroad underground?

No it is known as the underground railroad as it was hidden from sight

Where is a the hidden races in need for speed underground 2?

Well, I'm actually doing that right now, but I'll give you a hint. Go to Jackson Heights and City Center, that's where you'll find where they are! I found like five races by giong there. Now I didn;t say they were there though!

Is the 1800s Underground Railroad Under the ground?

No, its called the underground railroad because they were "hidden".

Where was the lightning bolt hidden in Percy Jackson..?

The lightning bolt was hidden in a shield that Luke Castellan gave Percy Jackson.

Where is hidden lake in Club Penguin?

The hidden lake is underground in Club Penguin. Here's how to get there:Go to the place where you play Cart Surfer.There is a tunnel ahead. Go there.Go right and where the door in the water is is the Hidden Lake.You need to play Puffle Rescue located underground where you play Cart Surfer. Select the black puffle to rescue and you can get to the hidden lake by getting the black key. You need to be a member to do the black puffle though.

Did the underground railroad go under ground?

No. The Underground Railroad wasn't necessarily underground. It is called the "Underground Railroad" because they (slaves, conductors, etc.) had to stay hidden.

How do you dig up hidden items in Pokemon platinum?

In the underground

Does Janet Jackson have any hidden Children?

If they were hidden then people wouldn't know about them, but no she has no children.

Is there a way to build a hidden temple in minecraft?

all you have to do is dig underground and deep in to the place you can make a hidden temple

Did Michael Jackson have hidden love?


What is the setting of the Hidden Staircase?

River Heights a midwestern town at the Twin Elms Mansion

What is a synonym for subterranean?

Hidden, underground, private, covert, secret, buried...

How do you find the hidden picture on Counterfeit Island?

go in the underground tour

How were slaves hidden in the underground railroad?

they hid in bushes and safe houses

Why did they call it the underground railroad if it wasnt a railroad?

They called it the underground railroad because it was hidden which is kind of like underground and it was a railroad because they had a route they followed like a train hence the name underground railroad

What are the release dates for Hidden in America - 2012 Underground Fight Clubs 1-4?

Hidden in America - 2012 Underground Fight Clubs 1-4 was released on: USA: March 2013

Do bumble bees live underground?

some do, most find a hidden shelter

What is the setting in Nancy Drew and The Hidden Staircase?

River Heights a Midwestern Town at the Twin Elms Mansion

What is a sentence for subterranean?

Subterranean means underground or hidden. The subterranean cave was filled with water.

How do you dig hidden treasure in Pokemon black?

If you're referring to going underground. You cant.

What is the name for a hidden underground treasure?

Yes there is treasure in inside the houses because in 16 to 18thcentury the put the treasure in the under ground for the safety and hidden from the thief's

What is unique about freshwater?

There isn't a lot of it on earth. Usually it is hidden away underground or frozen as ice.

Where did the Ancient Egyptians bury their kings?

they buried them in pyramids or special tombs some tombs were hidden underground.

Is there secret water underground on Club Penguin?

There are two underground water places. The first is the Hidden Lake. It is below the the Forest and east of the Gold Mine. The second is the underground pool, which is below the Plaza and in between the Mine and the Boiler Room.

Where is babe ruths hidden baseball hidden in chino hills California?

Located in a hanger heavily watched over, located by vellano houses the hill the bottom of them to the left