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Into the vaginal opening. It is important to be relaxed and to make sure you push it all the way in. Push towards the lower back.. In the vaginal hole below the urethra which is where urine comes out of. You should read the directions that come witht he box of tampons. It is helpful. Also, make sure you insert it all the way because if you dont, it will be uncomfortable. Try doing it with one leg up on the toilet. Put it in the whole underneath your legs, gosh. IS IT THAT HARD???? Just dont stick it up your butt hole that would be a bit uncomfertable. I am surprised that sooooo many people asked this question.

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The tampon is inserted into the vagina - when the blood is coming out.

If you don't even know where a tampon is inserted then you should not be using tampons, this is because there are many risks with tampon use that you need to understand before choosing to use tampons. It's best to stick with pads for now, then once you understand your body better consider options like menstrual cups which are internal like tampons but safer.

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Q: Where are you supposed to insert the tampon?
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When do I insert a tampon which you're not supposed to feel but I do and is that bad?


Where can one learn how to insert a tampon?

There are many places where one can learn how to insert a tampon. One can learn how to insert a tampon at popular on the web sources such as YouTube and Playtex Sport.

Can you put a tampon in your anus?

You could physically put a tampon in your anus, but you shouldn't.Tampons are supposed to be inserted vaginally, if attempting to insert a tampon for it's intended purposes then you should know where the vaginal opening is located so know not to insert into the anus. You will also be able to feel if you are accidentally inserting the tampon into the anus.

What happens if you insert a tampon with a tampon already inside?

If you already have a tampon inserted and you were to insert another then it may be difficult for you to insert the second tampon. Inserting the second tampon may push the first tampon into your cervix which may result in menstrual cramp type pains. Also of course with two tampons you will be at much greater risk of vaginal infections and toxic shock syndrome.

When you insert a tampon for the first time is it supposed to hurt a little bit for a short time?

No, it's not supposed to hurt when you insert a tampon.Most likely it hurts because you were tensing-up so having to push the tampon against vaginal walls, or it can also be painful if you don't insert the tampon far enough - the first few inches of the vagina are the narrowest and most sensitive. Make sure to relax next time and use lubricant to help with insertion.

What is the best way to insert a tampon in the anus?

is there a special way to put a tampon in my anus

When you have a period what do you do?

You either insert a tampon or put on a pad

What happens if you insert a tampon over the grip?

If you insert the tampon applicator past the grip, you may find it challenging to remove the applicator, but I'm sure you will get it out. There is no great concern.

Is it possible to insert a tampon while on your period?

Yes. That is what tampons are for.

Can you reinsert nova ring if it falls out?

You can try putting the ring in a tampon applicator and insert just as you would a tampon.

Why won't my tampon go in the second time?

It's impossible for us to tell you why your tampon won't go in without more information. It may be that your flow has lightened so not heavy enough for tampon use and causing too much friction to insert. It may be that you're tensed-up for some reason so you can't insert anything vaginally.

When you insert a tampon do you keep the bigger tube on?

No, when inserting the tampon all you're inserting is the tampon itself and not the applicator.Applicators are just a means of inserting the tampon without you making contact with your genitals, they're actually not needed at all. The applicator is not part of the tampon so you remove it once you've used it to insert the tampon. If using tampons you should understand how they work and how to insert.

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