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Walking sticks are found in woodlands, subtropical, and tropical areas. They are quite adaptable and are found in every area of the world except very cold places.

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Does a walking stick live alone?

Yes, the walking bug, or stick bug as it is often referred to does live alone. This insect is solitary and does not live in groups.

How does the walking stick use coloration to protect its self?

The walking stick looks like a green stick so it can sit in any plant live and not be noticed. The walking stick looks like a green stick so it can sit in any plant live and not be noticed.

What kind of tree does a walking stick live on?

Walking sticks are found in forests all over the world. They generally do not have a favorite tree on which to reside.

How do you live when you get old?

with a whheelchair or a walking stick

How does the walking stick use coloration to protect themselves?

The walking stick looks like a green stick so it can sit in any plant live and not be noticed.

Do walking stick insects live in New York?


What is the niche of an walking stick insect?

Foliage is the niche of a walking stick insect. They like parks and recreation areas because they live off the leaves they eat.

How long do walking sticks live?

There are various species of walking stick insects. Some can live three years or more, but most considerably less.

Where do walking stick insects live?

They live on branches or leaves or somewhere else on trees, or they also live in the grass.

What is a walking stick's real name?

The real name of a walking stick is the Phasmatoea. They live in woodlands and tropical forests. They eat leaves.

What kind of trees does a walking stick live in?

Depends on the species of stick insect. You will most likely find them on trees where they eat the leaves.

What is the life cycle of the walking stick insect?

The life cycle of a walking stick insect is very similar to that of any other insect. It starts as an egg, then becomes a nymph. It then grows to maturity (adulthood) and reproduces. Some walking stick insects live for several months up to two years.

What kind of animals live on islands?

mountain goats, walking stick, tarsiers,and many more....

Do walking stick bugs live in New Jersey?

Yes, I just removed one from inside my house in Morristown!

Do walking-stick insects hibernate?

No, they do not hibernate, mainly because stick insects live in warm and tropical climates where the temperature does not vary much throughout the year.

Where do Tennessee Walking horses live?

TWH originated from Tennessee, but now they live all over the world.

When was Around the World Live created?

Around the World Live was created on 2008-05-19.

Where does the Tennessee Walking Horse live?

The Tennessee Walking Horse is a breed. Tennessee Walking Horses can be found all over the world, but they are most popular in the United States.

How long could a two striped walking stick live?

Your going to have to be more specific of what it looks like or where you found it otherwise I can't find out what it is.

Where does a walking leaf live?

walking leafs live in brown and green trees

Can people live on deserts?

Millions of people around the world live in cities and towns in deserts around the world.

What do tlingit people live in?

they live in the tee.pees around the haters around the world.

What is the difference between Greece and Greeks?

Greece is the country, Greeks are the people who live there. (i had to ask my grandad that one, and he smacked with his walking stick and told me i was a n00b) ?

What does a walking stick eat?

Walking sticks, or stick insects, are herbivores, which means they only eat plants. They consume only leaves but their specific diet varies depending on what plants grow in the area they live in. Some examples are blackberry and strawberry plants, rose bushes, hawthorn, beetroot and ivy vines.

Do walking sticks live in the Amazon Rainforest?

no, they are only native to India and other areas around there

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