Best Answer They have photos of homes with good designs of their decks. They have actual photos there of existing homes. Get inspired, good luck.

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Q: Where can I access photos of decks and patios to give me inspiration?
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What sites have photos of decks and patios?

There are a lot of sites that feature photos of patios and decks.I would try kmart,walmart,and target to start.You may een get some good ideas from the sites as well.

Where can I view pictures of outdoor decks and patios?

You can view pictures of outdoor decks and patios online. Here are some of sites that offers pictures:, Outdoors Decks, Patios, Porches and Pools.

What has the author Michael Landis written?

Michael Landis has written: 'Patios & decks' -- subject(s): Decks (Architecture, Domestic), Patios

How do concrete decks and patios compare to wooden ones?

Concrete patios a typically cheaper then wooden decks. Concrete patios are made to resist winter weather. Wooden decks require treating, and cleaning. If the question if over price, then I would go with the patios, cheaper in the long run.

Where can I find information about decks and patios?

You can find about where you can find information about decks and patios and read information to compare prices on the internet or go to your local shops and en quire about it there.

Where can I find pictures of decks and patios from?

Home improvement stores such as Lowe's or Home Depot have many magazines for sale that offer pictures of decks and patios. These magazines are very informative and are reasonably priced.

Where do I find pictures of decks and patios online?

You can find many pictures of decks and patios online by visiting manufacturing websites. There, you will be able to see dimensions and other important parts of building a patio.

Can cement board be used outdoors?

Yes. I have used it on patios and decks.

What has the author Eric Clough written?

Eric Clough has written: 'Landscaping With Nature' 'Ortho's guide to decks & patios' -- subject(s): Amateurs' manuals, Design and construction, Decks (Architecture, Domestic), Patios

Where can I find more information about custom decks and patios?

I believe your local interior shop has offers on the information of decks and patios that suits your home and garden. They can also give you suggestions on getting interior designers.

Keeping Backyard Decks And Patios In Good Condition?

Backyard decks and patios are best enjoyed when they are in good condition and free from safety concerns. Maintaining decks and patios involves fixing problems such as raised nails or loose tiles as quickly as possible and in the proper way. Decks and patios should also be inspected at the start of each season, after heavy use and at the end of a season to ensure that the structure is sound and the ground is not eroding. Patios need special attention because weeds can grow between bricks, tiles or concrete and can eventually crack the patio surface.

The Reasons for a Custom Deck or Patio?

For some households, premade decks and patios are not creative enough. Hiring a contractor is a perfect idea for people who are looking for something completely unique. Custom decks and patios are expertly designed to fit the aesthetic of the house. With custom decks and patios, you will be completely satisfied with the results because they are tailor-made for you and your needs.

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