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You can apply at Fashion Institute of Technology.

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Q: Where can I apply for Technical School in NY?
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What is the biggest high school in the US?

As of June 2014, the biggest high school in the United States is Brooklyn Technical High School in Brooklyn, NY. The school has a total of 8076 students.

Can you apply at UCLA as a transfer student from a technical school?

Yes, you can apply to any college or university. Of course they don't have to accept you. Once accepted though it will be necessary to take all of the courses that the technical school did not require (e.g. languages, electives, humanities) to meet the requirements of the degree you are now pursuing.

When was Calcutta Technical School created?

Calcutta Technical School was created in 1927.

When was Bulawayo Technical School created?

Bulawayo Technical School was created in 1927.

How do you apply for Lincoln Technical Institute?

There are several ways to apply to Lincoln Technical Institute. You can apply online or fill out a paper application and drop it off or mail it to your local campus.

How do you apply for a3 restrictions?

how to apply for a3 restrictions on ny license

Where can one find out how technical a technical school can be?

One can find out how "technical a technical school" is by requesting a brochure by phone. Also, by going to the school itself and talking to current students can be beneficial.

Does DeKalb Technical School accept applications all year round?

You may apply all year round, but there are deadlines for each semester. Each semester changes so I would look at the technical school closest to you to find a deadline that works for you,

How do I begin to find a ITT technical school?

ITT technical school Topic: Question Summary: How do I begin to find a ITT technical school? Question Long-Form: I could use some good technical training. Where can I find a ITT technical school?

What is Hoheres Realgymnasium?

Hoheres Realgymnasium is technical school in Germany. Technical school is school at a secondary level

What is Worcester Technical High School's motto?

Worcester Technical High School's motto is 'The School That Works'.

When was Central Technical School created?

Central Technical School was created in 1915-09.

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