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One can purchase a reverse gear for a Suzuki GSXR 1300 at local Suzuki dealerships. This part can also be purchased at stores like Gaadi.

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Q: Where can I buy a reverse gear for a suzuki GSXR 1300?
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Is a suzuki gsxr 1000 able to pop in third gear without clutching?

yes no problem

What is the top speed of 2003 GSXR-600?

i am not sure of the 2003 gsxr 600. but i have an 07' gsxr and i had mine to 171 on the highway in 6th gear.

Where is backup light switch on 97 suzuki sidekick?

on the transmssion, no matter which of the 3 (3sp,4ps, 5sp) its really a reverse switch, see? reverse gear engaged switch.

What is the stock gear ratio of a 2007 gsxr 750?


Where in Boston can I purchase discount motorcycle gear?

Greater Boston Motorcycles offers all kinds of motorcycles and gear, including Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and BMW gear. They are located convenient to Boston in Arlington, Mass.; contact at 781-648-1300.

What is the powerful gear?

Reverse gear

Why does reverse gear not work in barina?

You need to lift the collar on the gear stick to engage reverse gear

Which gear is used for the idler gear?


Does the raptor250 have reverse?

no but you can by a kit on eBay for a reverse gear

What does it mean when your car does not reverse at all?

Its not in reverse gear.

What is a good sentence with reverse?

The reverse gear is the strongest.

Why won't my 1998 Suzuki GSXR 600 start when I put it in first gear?

gixxers have a kick stand safety, so the bike will not start in any gear other than neutral when the kickstand is down. if the kickstand is up then you should be able to start it in any gear with no problem if you pull in the clutch they also have a clutch safety switch.

How to change cvt gear oil in suzuki swift?

To change the CVT gear oil in Suzuki Swift, you need a 4L can for your car.

Is there gear oil in a Suzuki lt80?

no theres not

Does a 2007 Honda TRX have a reverse gear?

Yes, the larger models have reverse gear, those produced after 2005.

Where is the reverse gear linkage in your transfer case?

The reverse gear linkage would be attached to the transmission, not the transfer case.

Why isn't my reverse gear working '78 VW type 2 reverse not engaging when trying to engage reverse gear It just ends up In second and when in fourth gear gear lever is sloppy and hits your knee?

The linkage could be bad.

Which vehicle does not have a reverse gear?

Most motorcycles (with the notable exception of Honda Gold Wings) don't have reverse gear.

Is first gear the lowest on a Suzuki RM 125?

1st gear will always be your lowest gear no matter what bike you are on.

Why would a car reverse in first and second gear and go forward in reverse gear?

Shift linkages not put in the correct spots.

Which vehicle doesn't have a reverse gear?

Most motorcycles, personal watercraft and airplanes are usually lacking a reverse gear.

How do you take of a lift reverse gear knob?

The lift and pull reverse gear is found in cars like the Chevrolet Optra. To shift on to reverse, lift the ring below the gear knob and shift on to 1st gear like you would always do, but with the ring being held.

Why would your car run hard in reverse?

because there is no further GEAR in reverse.

When did reverse gear get invented?

hentry ford

What are the gear positions for a 1973 Suzuki TS 185?

most suzuki's that old 1 down 4up