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First, may I say that I don't consider Wyder's or Hornsby's or the like to be proper cider. Though these can often be purchased at your local Safeway/Von's etc. in the beer aisle.

To acquire a better cider requires going somewhere like Beverages and More or Whole Foods. Both of these chains carry Fox Barrel, which is brewed in Colfax, CA, a ways north of Sacramento. Both chains are also known to carry many varieties of import ciders of note including Blackthorne and Aspall.

You may also want to check with any wineries, food co-ops, or farmers markets in your area as many often have hard cider available.

Try Domaine Le Mieux for a true hard cider or MÉTHODE CHAMPENOISE NATURELLE website.

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Q: Where can I buy hard cider in California?
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What are some companies that sell hard cider?

There are many companies that sell hard cider. Aston Manor, Gaymers, Thatchers and Westons are well known producers in the UK. Popular brands in the United States include Ace Cider and Fox Barrel Cider Company from California, Portland Cider Company, 2 Towns Ciderhouse and Bull Run Cider from Oregon, Doc's Draft Hard Cider and Chateau Buffalo from New York, Argus Cidery from Texas, Bantam Cider Company from Massachusetts and many others.

Which has the highest alcohol content a brown cow hard cider or a sparking cider?

hard cider..have fun on booze mail

When was Crispin Hard Cider Company created?

Crispin Hard Cider Company was created in 2008.

What is soft cider?

Cider that has not beel allowed to ferment. When cider ferments, alcohol is formed and the end result is "hard" cider.

Does strongbow cider contain purines?

does hard cider contain purines

Can you buy cider in Cancun?

Yes, you can buy the cider drink in the city of Cancun, Mexico. Some locations also sell the alcoholic version of cider.

What actors and actresses appeared in Hard Cider - 1920?

The cast of Hard Cider - 1920 includes: Billy Franey

What is the source of cider?

Usually fermented apples <><><> Cider is pressed from apples. SOME cider is allowed to ferment, becoming "hard" cider (alcoholic)

Where can you buy hard cider in Florida?

I found Scrumpy's in Publix - it's organic, and a step up from the six-pack variety, but still not as nice as I'd like. Comes in a 22oz. bottle. Also, the Florida Beer Company, based in Melbourne, supposedly makes a good cider they call Kelley's Hard Cider.

Can you use cider instead of vinegar in chutney?

Hard cider is apple cider that has fermented with most of the natural sugars turned into alcohol. If the hard cider is infected or innoculated with acetobacter, then the alcohol will be converted to acetic acid, making apple cider vinegar. apple cider vinegar Actually it does not i think

Do you by hard cider in a liquor store or a supermarket?


Where can you buy magners hard cider in the atlanta Georgia area?

Magner's is not available for distribution in Atlanta. The closest states where it is available as of 6/09 are Tennessee and Florida.