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I would try going to the cnet website and searching for gas grills. It will show you tons of gas grills that you can compare to see which one suits you the best.

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Q: Where can I compare BBQ gas grills?
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Where can I buy BBQ grills and BBQ grills gas?

You can buy barbeque grills and barbeque gas at Canadian tire. Try shopping online, or got to your local Canadian tire. for specific grills try

Are Gas BBQ Grills Better Than Charcoal?

At-home grilling fanatics and professional chefs alike have argued for decades over the use of gas BBQ grills versus the more traditional charcoal grills. Fans of both types offer very compelling arguments but the truth is, gas BBQ grills are more convenient and easier to use than charcoal grills, and the taste of the food can be identical. Charcoal grills are messier and more difficult to start than gas BBQ grills, which are easy and convenient, and they can still produce delicious results.

Are there discount BBQ grills? offers information on discount BBQ charcoal and gas grills. It also provides pictures and prices of the grills with links to the different online stores that are selling them.

Is there a website that I can look at to learn about thermos BBQ grills?

There are many websites that inform readers about thermos barbecue grills. Gas grill views have various reviews regarding thermal bbq grills. I say check them out.

best place to get gas barbecue grills?

There are many place that we can get gas barbecue grills. Just go to this website ( to check more information about gas BBQ grill.

Are there any sites that have gas BBQ grills on sale?

Some online stores that currently have clearance sales on outdoor barbecue gas grills are, and

Do you need to bring charcoal to a public park BBQ or do they offer gas grills?

Public parks will not off gas grills for liability (public safety) and gas supply reasons. So if your going to use the public parks supplied BBQ, bring the charcoal, and the meat.

how does a Jenn air BBQ grill compare to other grills?

The Jenn-Air bbq grill is a great option for someone looking at gas grills. The grill features cast brass burners which are pretty much indestructible. They come with a 99 year warranty! It is solidly built steel that has dual layers for insulation. The Jenn-Air performs at the top range of gas grills, but also has the top price tag to match its top performance.

What is the difference between a gas and charcoal BBQ grill?

A gas BBQ grill is easier to use, and is more convenient, but a charcoal grill will give you a smoky flavor, which cannot be achieved by using a gas BBQ. Gas BBQs are also safer than charcoal grills.

Benefits of BBQ Gas Grills?

Using BBQ gas grills is a simple and great way to cook up dinner for your family. Gas grills require very little cleaning due to the cleaner nature of the fuel they burn. The burners use cleaner fuel and therefore become less encrusted with carbon after every use. Also, gas grills can be a little simpler to use than the old-fashioned grills. This is because you simply hook a hose up to the grill and get it started.

Where are the BBQ grills at sir?

BBQ grills are at many websites online. Here are just a few at,,, and

What sort of park BBQ grills are there?

Lowe's is always offering bbq grills for a low and afforable price. Home depot is also selling bbq grills for a low and affordable price also. Try craigslist too.

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