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A good place to search for schools is Here you will be able to specify the location and type of school you are looking for. Some of the big film schools in New York are the Art Institute of New York, Columbia University, or Barnard University.

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New York University and U.C.L.A. , located in New York and California respectively, are two of the best film schools in the United States.

New York has many film programs to offer for people who wants to aspire for the film industry. New York Film Academy, New York Film Connection Film School are among my top two picks I would recommend you to check out.

There are a few acting schools in New York where one can learn how to become an actor. Some of these acting schools include the 'New York Film Academy' and 'The American Academy of Dramatic Arts'.

There are many film making schools in New York. One of them is the new york film academy. Many famous people have gone there and have made lots of films along with other short works of videos. Another film making school is the school of visual arts. Lots of people like to go there and take film school or visual arts school.

Some of the most popular film schools in the USA are USC, NYU, UCLA or Columbia University. There are also Film institutes in New York and Los Angeles, and other popular schools, however smaller in California, Florida, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angles and New York.

You can find information on New York Schools by visiting the website that I have listed below. This is a link to New York City Department of Education.

There are about 1124 middle schools in the state of New York, with 107 middle schools in New York City.

There are several sites with lists of private schools in New York City. Try some of these: Abacus Guide ( or Great Schools ( You can also search the New York State Association of Independent Schools (

there are 80 private schools in New York

You can find information about driving schools in New York at the following This will give you all the info you need.

The Boston University's Film and Television Program is one of the top film schools in New England. Emerson College is also one of the top film schools in New England.

There are about 2287 elementary schools in New York.

WWW.FILMSCHOOL.COM This website is a great place to start to look into your career and interest in Film. Many websites are available, as well as your guidance counselor in school would be glad you help you find a school that is best for your needs.

To find a school for the exciting career of a hair dresser visit Here you will be able to find complete listing of accredited barber schools in the New York City area.

The duration of New York - film - is 2.55 hours.

You can find a motorcycle repairs school in New York at You can also try and search for more results.

New yirk film academy , the met for film or courses

AFI, American University, London Film School (LFS), National Film and Telivision School, Tisch School of the Arts, New York Film Acedemy, and manymore.

New York Film Academy was created in 1992.

The duration of Autumn in New York - film - is 1.72 hours.

The duration of New York Minute - film - is 1.52 hours.

Some New York art schools are the New York Academy of Art, Graphic Art School, New York and Design School, Pearsons The New School for Design, and The Art Students League of New York.

There is a lot of good film schools in the United States but for videography the best solution was that these few schools: Yale University University of California - Berkeley University of Chicago New York University

There are several boarding schools and troubled teen programs in new york cities. There are even military schools for troubled teens. Its up to the parent to find the right school for their teen. I would check out My Troubled Teen. They are an organization that refers parents to boarding schools in their local area. Check out the New York section of their website here:

New York Polish Film Festival was created in 2005.