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MetLife Auto & Home Insurance is located at 20229 N. 67th Avenue in Glendale, Arizona.

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A good place to start is This is a comprehensive list of car insurance providers for Arizona.

Allstate and Geico are among the top rated in Arizona.

A great primer to find out more information can be found at this website: I strongly recommend looking through it as it will walk you through about particulars of insurance in Arizona, and where you can find cheap insurance. If you're looking for more general information, go to this website:

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I think that is allstate. They operate in Arizona as well as other states.

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There are many companies that offer discounted car insurance in Arizona. In addition to a local insurance office, one might also try an online company such as eSurance.

Progressive is a good company to get car insurance from.

You can compare prices of car insurance for Arizona through You can enter your basic information and they will find rates for various comapanies for you. This is a great way to get the best possible rate.

look to see if there is a insurance card in the car, if not call the insurance company

Someone can find car insurance in France from a number of companies such as Insurexpat. The company Insurexpat is a French auto insurance company that is located in France.

As with any Insurance Company, as long as you registered the car with your car insurance company, then you are covered either same day or next billing cycle. Usually same day.

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This company offers insurance for classic and antique cars. You can find this information at

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Progressive is renowed for their customer service.

Try one of the best online places to find insurance for any vehicle.

Hi, It depends on what type of insurance you had. Liability, full coverage...etc...Call your insurance company and find out.

Women and men can purchase car insurance from the same company, its illegal for one to discriminate. Any car insurance agent can help find the best deal on car insurance.

The cheapest car insurance company is highly dependant on your situation. I would recommend using a local insurance company website that compares rates to find which one is best for you.

You can find information about extended car warranty insurance at your local dealership where you purchased the vehicle. You can also find out that information from your insurance company.

You can find information on RV insurance cost from just about any car insurance company. Any insurance company that offers car insurance also offers RV insurance. Geigo and Progressive just to name a couple.

You do not directly pay Continental Car Insurance. They will search and find you a company and whichever company you choose, you pay. Continental Car Insurance is a free site to help you find the best deal available.

Getting a car incentive based on the safety features of your car varies from insurance company to insurance company. I would suggest consulting your insurance company prior to purchase of the vehicle to find out what they offer in the form of incentives.