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You can find outdoor cushions at Target, Walmart, Jysk and various other retailers. A good option would be lounge cushions for outdoor furniture which is sold separately, then you can sit, and lay down in full comfort.

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2013-07-31 19:48:46
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Q: Where can I find a cushion suitable for outdoor use?
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You can find a cushion suitable for use in the car on websites like Amazon, EC21, or eBay. They can also be found at stores like Macy's, Brookstone, and Sharper Image.

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How to Clean outdoor furniture cushion?

To clean outdoor furniture cushions one can use warm and soapy water. Rinse well with water and allow to dry in the sun.

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What weatherproof soft furnishings are suitable for outdoor use on a sun lounger?

You can use plastic weatherproofing for soft furnishings for outdoor use on a sun lounger. This can be easily stored when not in use and wiped down when dirty.

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Garage floor paint, with suitable primer.

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the pillow is made out of cushion.

What fabrics could I use to make my own outdoor chair cushions?

Outdoor fabrics inherently need to be sturdier than normal cushion fabrics. The types of qualities you may want in an outdoor fabric may vary, from UV protected to waterproof to sun resistant. You can start by looking at fabrics with these qualities such as vinyl, polyestor, and canvas.

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Outdoor storage benches can be a great option for providing outdoor seating and a storage solution. It would be best to find a storage bench that is specifically made for outdoor use in order to avoid weather damage.

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You can find coupons for commercial outdoor furniture at, or You will find various coupons on which can be used online or printed to use in their store.

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