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You can find a good PT Cruiser Engine online or through your a PT Cruiser dealership.

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The engine number for a Chrysler PT Cruiser 2002 is not on the engine; it is part of the VIN number.

A person can get a 2004 PT Cruiser engine diagram from a Chrysler dealership. An auto parts store also may have a copy of the diagram for customers.

Yes, they can. My wife's 2004 PT Cruiser was just diagnosed to have a broken engine mount.

No, the crank sensor tone ring is different. It will not start.

The thermostat on a Chrysler PT Cruiser is under the housing where the upper radiator hose attaches to the engine.

The engine and transmission are removed as an unit out of the bottom.

The PT cruiser model 2004 requires 4.5 quarts of engine oil to fill the turbo and filter as well as the engine

In the engine control module.

It is on the bottom of the engine.

There is a few ways you can find a PT Cruiser wiring diagram. You can find the diagram at a technical library or online.

A 2001 PT Cruiser will get around 20 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the highway. The PT Cruiser has a 4 cylinder, 2.4 liter engine and takes regular gasoline.

Yes the engine from a 2005 will fit any 2003 to 2007 the 2000 to 2002 are not the same motors

It is on the bottom of the engine.

It is on the bottom of the engine.

It is on the bottom of the engine.It is on the bottom of the engine.

The 2001 PT Cruiser with a 2.4 liter engine has a zero tolerance or interference engine. This means that if any of the timing components fail, the engine itself will because severely damaged.

The engine light on followed by one chime in a PT Cruiser is a notice to the driver that something is wrong in the engine. The chime sounds only to make sure the driver notices the engine light.

A PT Cruiser does not have a reset button.

Chrysler manufactures the PT Cruiser

It is on the top, passenger side of the engine.

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