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The Motley Fool has an assortment of financial calculators, including a home insurance calculator. You can use it to compare the homes you're deciding on and make the right choice.

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Q: Where can I find a house insurance calculator?
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Where can I find a house insurance calculator online?

It is always good to know exactly where you are to be able to afford house insurance or not. It is really important to have house insurance in case of fire, etc. Here is a calculator:

Where could one find a title insurance calculator?

One could find a title insurance calculator in many different places. Some of the places in which one can find a title insurance calculator is from an insurance place like Republic Title.

Where can one find a homeowner's insurance calculator online?

You can find a great homeowner insurance calculator online by going to the major home insurance sites specific for your state, as taxation varies. Failing that, you can try Liberty Mutual, they have a great calculator.

Where can one find a car insurance calculator?

Car insurance calculators can be found on major insurance websites like Progressive and Allstate. They can also be found at Cars Direct, The Hartford, and Auto Insurance Calculator.

What specialty stores carry a home insurance calculator?

You could find a home insurance calculator on most of the home insurance company websites. You could also ask your insurance company how much it will be too.

Where can one find a whole life insurance calculator?

One can find a whole life insurance calculator online at various websites. Some of those websites are Bank Rate, Met Life, Aviva, Term-Life Insurance and Daily Finance.

Where could one find a reliable home insurance calculator?

One can find a reliable home insurance calculator at the following sources : TD Insurance, BCAA, Geico, Money Saving Expert, ESurance, Bank Rate, Chase, Met Life, Liberty Mutual.

Where can one find a life insurance needs calculator?

One can find a life insurance needs calculator online. Some of the useful websites are Life Happens, Bankrate, Genworth, State Farm, LPL Financial and MSN Money.

Where can one find a home insurance calculator?

There are many home insurance calculators out on the net, but the one that is not affiliated with a home insurance company and thus less biased is CNN Money's Affordable Home Calculator. It's calculator is based upon what the user can afford and if the user inputs the correct values, the cheapest home insurance available will appear.

Will a term insurance calculator help you calculate your premium accurately?

Yes a term insurance calculator will be accurate. I bought my insurance from Bharti AXA and used the calculator on their website before buying.

Where can i get a house insurance estimate?

In order to find a house insurance estimate which can be compared to your current insurance right now, contact your insurance agent or check on the computer.

Where can I find a homeowner insurance caculator?

Most insurance website offers online calculator. Most all insurance companies offers homeowners insurance. If you package it with your automobile insurance you might get a better deal.

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