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Two good websites to check for local car donation centers are and

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Q: Where can I find a place that i can donate old cars to?
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What organizations can one donate old cars to?

One can donate old cars to 1-800-Charity Cars, Donate a Car, Habitat for Humanity, Car Angel and Goodwill. Schools and churches may also accept cars and other vehicles for donation.

Which organizations will accept donated old cars?

Angelcar is a great charity that you can donate your cars to.

Which NGO's can I donate old cars to?

This site can help you decide who to donate too

How do you locate old cars?

how to find old cars

What is the best place to search for old cars for sale?

Some of the places to find old cars for sales are resources like Auto Trader Classic, Ebay and Craigslist. Another great way to find old cars for sale are to look in the classified section of the local newspaper. There you can find old cars for sale through private sellers.

Where can one view pictures of old cars from their school days?

The Old Motor website is a great place to find pictures of old cars. It is a automobile and racing magazine and they have lots of pictures of classic cars on their website.

Where can I find out how to donate old cars in florida?

According to a google search there is a web site called Donate A Car 2 Charity. Thehave all the info you need, here is the link:

Where to find old VIN number?

On Old Cars.....

Where can one donate an old car?

Junk yards are great for old car donations. They use the cars for parts and scraps. People can also sell the old cars to car shops who can then resale or reuse the parts from the said old car.

Do you receive a tax credit when you donate old cars in the state of Alabama?

You are eligible for a tax credit when donating any car.

How can one donate old cars to charity?

Many charities, but not all, accept old cars as donations. The best way to go about donating a car is to call the charity and find out if they are equipped to accept your donation. The necessarily paperwork must be filled out at the State Motor Vehicle Office to transfer the title to the organization.

Where do you go to donate old junk cars in the Marlton, NJ area?

You can visit for information on donatiing your car.

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