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You will not be able to find a prepaid credit card with absolutely zero fees, but most large retailers sell prepaid cards with a very low percentage fee.

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What are the best prepaid credit cards, without annual fees?

Upside Card has the best prepaid credit cards, without annual fees. YOu can get your Visa prepaid debit card online at www.UPsideCard.com

What are the fees associated with giving a prepaid visa credit card as a gift?

There are no fees for giving prepaid visa credit card as gift. You must take care to instruct the recipient about all terms and conditions for best use of the card.

Does a prepaid internet card have any hidden fees?

There are many different prepaid credit cards that can be used to make internet purchases. Each card has different terms and these should be looked at carefully before deciding to use the card. Some hidden fees may include atm withdrawal fees, cash advance fees, and inactivity fees.

Are there any activation fees associated with a Visa prepaid credit card?

It depends on which Visa prepaid credit card you got, so read the fine print before buying. A lot of them do come with free activation. Others, such as the Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card have free activation as long as you fund it with direct deposit.

Are there hidden fees when getting a prepaid debit or credit card?

Sometimes yes. There are fees if you don't use it within X months, and generally fees for making purchases or withdrawing money.

Can a company charge fees to credit card without permission?

No...you need to call your credit card company and file a complaint.

Which credit companies offer a Prepaid Credit Card?

You can buy Prepaid, or Reloadable, credit cards from Western Union, Walmart, Greendot and Visa. Many of these cards have low account fees. The best place to start is http://usa.visa.com/personal/cards/prepaid/reloadable_prepaid_card.html, which is Visa's official site.

Which credit card companies offer prepaid gift cards?

Many credit card companies offer prepaid gift cards. Some popular ones include the following: American Express, Visa and Mastercard. Be aware of activation fees prior to buying one.

What bad credit credit card has no annual fee?

While some credit cards that accept bad credit or no credit charge substantial annual fees and others are vague on their answers to that question until the application's fine print becomes available, prepaid cards generally charge no annual fee. Unfortunately, many prepaid cards do charge fees for every transaction.

What is the difference between a prepaid and a regular Visa credit card?

Although the cards can be used in the same way, there are some significant differences in prepaid and regular credit cards. With a regular credit card, you make your purchases on credit and then pay your bill later. If you do not pay the bill in full each month, or are late making a payment, there will be fees accrued in the form of interest and late fees. With a prepaid credit card, you deposit money much the same way you would with a checking or savings account. Then when you use your prepaid credit card, the charges are deducted from your balance. When you start to run low on your balance, you can just deposit more money in your account. In this way, prepaid credit cards operate much the same as debit cards. You will probably have to pay an initial fee to set up your prepaid credit card account, but after that you avoid the possibility of interest and late fee charges. This is also a good way to rebuild your credit if you have had financial difficulties in the past.

Where can one find a credit card with no balance transfer fee?

One would start by asking his local banking operation for such a credit card. Failing that, one could look into acquiring prepaid credit cards that have no balance transfer fees.

Are there any activation fees associated with a MasterCard prepaid credit card?

It depends on the card. Before you commit, make sure you read the fine print and understand the agreement completely.

What companies issue credit without personal credit checks?

Credit Card with high interest rates or high annual fees!!!

Could a prepaid credit card benefit your credit score?

There are many prepaid credit cards that can benefit your credit score. They usually charge you annual fees, but they report to all three major credit bureaus each month, which can help you get back on your feet if you have bad credit. No, they cannot. Your name and personal information aren't linked to that card and there are no bills to pay to prove your credit-worthiness. A secured credit card works similarly to gift cards and will improve your credit score.

With good credit where can one find a free credit card with no annual fees?

With good credit, almost all credit card carriers offer free credit cards with no annual fees. You should contact your provider and seek information about a credit card with no annual fees.

What kind of fees are in place for a bank credit card?

Fees vary greatly from card to card. The fees are always stated in the credit card policies. Be careful are read everything so that you are not surprised about anything.

Does the Credit One credit card have any annual fees?

There are a range of Credit One credit cards. The Business Cashback Aspire Business Credit One credit card has no annual fees to pay, but other variations of the card do.

If you applied for and received a new credit card without reading all the fees attached how do you cancel the card without having to pay all the fees?

If the card was activated, yes the fees are collectible. Once a card is activated, usually via the person's home phone, it becomes a valid contract.

What is the penalty for overdrawing prepaid credit debit cards?

You can only spend the amount of money that was added to a prepaid card so there is no penalty for overdrawing it. There is no over the limit fees and there are no interest charges either since you are not borrowing money

What are the Visa credit card processing fees?

Processing fees for a Visa credit card are referred to as merchant fees. Each financial institution sets their own merchant fees, and these fees will vary between institutions.

What fees are there with a First National credit card?

The fees with a First National credit card depends on which one you have. Fees on the American Express and Graphite cards are 13.99% and are 9.99% on the Visa.

What credit card offers the best value in fees?

Some of the credit cards with the best value in fees include the Chase Freedom credit card, the Chase Sapphire Card, and the Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express

How can you establish credit if you can't get a credit card?

If you are wanting to establish a credit rating e.g. at Experian so that you can then get a credit card then one method is to start with a prepaid card. Basically you get a Mastercard that will only let you spend up to the amount you have deposited on the card. The UK leader is cashplus and they will then report your payment of monthly fees as if they were a loan - thereby establishing a credit record for you. Find out more at http://workerspayments.co.uk/e1.htm

Are prepaid MasterCard's different than debit cards, and how do they differ?

Prepaid credit cards are essentially the same as debit cards, just with a credit card company name attached. You only get to spend the amount you have deposited, or you may go over by a set amount but then you start having to pay fees.

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