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Old gun catalogs, auction sites, gun shop, gun show

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2010-06-20 02:24:38
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Q: Where can I find descriptive info on a hawthorne warrior single shot bolt action 22 rifle?
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Is Nathaniel Hawthorne single?

No, Nathaniel Hawthorne is not single.

What is the value of a Hawthorne bolt action single shot 22Lr?

$50-$100, depending on model and condition.

Is the colt Mustang 380 single or double action?

Single Action.

How many kills could a single warrior have in the ancient ages?

Hundreds in a single battle.

What is a gene map?

A gene map is the descriptive representation of the structure of a single gene.

What does it a gun that is single action mean?

Single action means the trigger only performs a single action; it drops the hammer to fire the gun. The hammer on a single action gun must be cocked before the gun can be fired.

What is the best single engine prop plane?

the piper warrior

Is a sig sauer a single action?

Sig Sauer pistols can be single action only. They can also be double, single action where the first shot is double action and the following shots are single action. Also they can be double action only, or they can be double action Kellerman. They give many options for the shooters preference. Just a quick answer without a lot of detail.

What is a single action gun?

Generally speaking, a single action gun is a gun that has to be cocked before it can be fired. The term "single action" comes from the fact that the trigger only has a single function; it drops the hammer to fire the gun. A good example of a single action handgun is a 1911 style or a Browning Hi-Power. Also, the old style "cowboy" revolvers are single action.

What is the difference between single and double action pistons?

single action pistol means that the hammer has to be cocked back in order to fire. double action means you merely have to pull the trigger back and the gun will fire. some double action guns can be fired single action or double action.

Is the AMT 380 single or double action?

Depends on when it was manufactured. The original models were single action; later models were double action only (DAO).

Can you date my colt single action serial number SA 55785?

your colt single action was made in 1970.

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