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...the question seems to be worded wrong, but I think I understand what you meen. The Emulator-Zone is a good place for your one-stop emulator needs(not roms!).

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โˆ™ 2009-10-23 14:42:08
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Q: Where can I find emulators I have downloaded on your computer?
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Are emulators dangerous?

No, emulators are not dangerous. Emulators just help you to play games on your computer. They don't do any harm to your computer at all.

Were to find emulator?

I know where to find game emulators that run directly on your computer, but I'm not sure if that's what you mean?... Anywho, check out this website: They have all sorts of emulators, it's amazing. Just find the one you need and download it!

Can Emulators damage your computer?

If you have downloaded them from a questionable source, than they could be infected with some type of virus or other mal-ware. I would deffinitly scan with at least one virus scanner. If you downloaded them from a reputable source then they should not harm your computer. They may cause your computer to freeze, or preform oddly while they are running.

Can you play cartoon wars on the computer?

If it is a game, certain emulators could run it. If it is a show, episodes can be downloaded and played with software such as VLC, MPC-HC or Windows Media Player.

Can the Android device be operated on the computer?

I believe there are emulators that you can use.

What was the first Computer Virus downloaded?

The first Computer Virus was downloaded in1982

What emulators beside nogba can play poke'mon diamond pearl platinum?

any DS emulators you can find

How do you get emulators on your computer?

You type in the name of the system you are trying to get on for into google, and type emu after it. You should find a page to help you write or download one.

How do you find game emulators?

type it into google

What are psp emulators used for?

PSP emulators are used when a PC player wants to play a PSP game on the computer. Since PSP discs can't be inserted in a computer, one can download an emulator and run the program there.

Where can you get Pokemon emerald for your computer?

You can, but it's illgeal. Using roms and emulators are illgeal.

How do viruses infect computer?

Viruses can mess up your computer big time ask a grown up is this safe to downloaded if say yes it is ok to downloaded then you can and if they say no you can not downloaded it.

Do you need a memory card for n64 emulators and roms?

The memory card is already in your computer.

If you downloaded a movie how to you find it on your computer?

start, search, files and folders, type the name of the movie/file search.

Where can you get emulators?

There are many sources of emulators, and one resource I can definitely recommend is known as Zophar's domain. There are many websites dedicated to emulations, and places to find emulators, the best step to take is to search Google for an emulator based on the system you are looking to emulate. It is imperative to exercise caution, though, as some viruses will masquerade as emulators, particularly as emulators for current systems.

Do emulators impair a computers ability to surf the web or use word processors or any other stuff a computer normally does?

no i have a lot of games for a good share of emulators for different systems.

How do you go to word document?

On your computer, click start and go to my documents, there you will find all the documents you have previously saved on that particular computer. if you do not have word downloaded on your computer the word document will not open.

Where can you find some Pokemon Yellow emulators?

Emulators are different that the games themselves. I find that BGB and Visualboy Advance are the best emulators. BGB is for the original Gameboy, Gameboy color, and the super Gameboy. Visualboy Advance will also emulate the Gameboy Advance. What you are looking for is the ROM. Emulators run (play) the ROMs. You must own the original game to legally download a ROM.

How do you play GameCube games on your computer?

Emulators... link(

What are the controls for Nintendo 64 on the computer?

Most N64 emulators have a menu where you can change the controller settings.

How do you put an Emulator on the computer?

If you're talking about the console game emulators, then you'll have to download them onto your computer from different sites such as or u can use Google to search "NES, SNES, N64, GBA, NDS, etc. emulators". Hope this helps! =D

Is there any software to play PS CD from your PC?

yes there are a number of Playstation emulators most will require you to convert the CD into a downloaded file before it is played

Does Mozilla Firefox give viruses?

I once downloaded mozilla and i gave my computer a virus but I know someone who downloaded it and it didn't give his computer a virus.

How can website designer software be downloaded?

It can be downloaded by either purchasing it off the internet OR it can be purchased through a computer company and installed into the computer using a disk.

How can i get downloaded psp games to work on my PC?

yes there is. google search psp emulators for pc. be careful because there are emulators fr the psp and you may get them confused. there are sites like this one and my favorite you will need the iso's of the games as well.