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The best place would be www.calhealth.net. This site allows comparing different policies from many different companies. They allow searching for both individuals and groups and you will likely not find a better price anywhere.

Kaiser Permanente California offers quotes on small business health insurance on their website. Just enter the number of employees and Zip Code to get quotes on California group health insurance. http://kaiserquotes.com/california-health-insurance/group.php

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Where can I find good auto insurance quote in California?

www. geico.com and progressive.com offers free insurance quotes for California.

Where can I find good car insurance quotes for California?

You can find very good car insurance quotes for California at Insurance.com. They will provide you with 15 different insurances companies that you can choose from that suites your needs and price.

Where can I find auto insurance quotes in the state of Califfornia?

One can find insurance quotes in the state of California by checking many places. These places are allstate, statefarm, AAA N. California and mylowcostauto's website.

Where in the California area can a student find health insurance quotes?

A student in California would likely be able to find health insurance quotes from their college directly or by finding a local insurance agent. If they do not want to check online or via phone call, they could go directly to the office.

Where can I find a California car insurance quote online?

www.insureme.com is a good source of local quotes.

Where can I find instant quotes online for auto insurance?

You can find instant auto insurance quotes at www.insure.com.

Where can I find good car insurance quotes for nj?

You can find auto insurance quotes for your area at www.autoinsurancequotes.com.

What areas of California qualify for the cheapest auto insurance quotes?

California has relatively high insurance rates. You will find your lowest rates in the smaller towns near the wine county.

Where can I find auto insurance quotes?

You can visit www.geico.com for free auto insurance quotes.

Where can I find online automobile insurance quotes?

Geico will provide auto insurance quotes.

Where can I find cheap insurance quotes online?

progressive online gives you them and other companies quotes

How can one obtain free quotes on health insurance in California?

There are many places to find free quotes on health insurance in California. Some of these places include E health Insurance and Health Plan One. Both of these services are available through their website and through a phone hotline.

Where can one find cheap Florida car insurance quotes?

One can find reasonable Florida car insurance quotes including Dig Direct, Raymond Insurance and Insurance Buddy. Other possible companies for car insurance quotes, and getting cheaper rates is to check through union or group deals, often they tend to offer a percentage off the regular prices.

Where can I find cheap car insurance quotes?

You can find quotes at major car insurance company websites.like www.geico.com or www.progressive.com

Where could I find good car insurance quotes in Louisiana?

You can find great quotes for car insurance in Louisiana at www.geico.com

Are car insurance quotes online legitimate?

Car insurance quotes that you find online can be legitimate, depending on the website you find the quotes on. As long as it's a trusted insurance company website, they are legitimate.

What is the best place to find auto insurance quotes in California?

The best place to find auto insuranc quoutes online is progressive.com, they offer insurance all arround the US.

Where can I find auto insurance quotes in Las Vegas?

The best place to shop for insurance in on the internet. You can find great quotes at www.progressive.com.

Where can I find auto insurance quotes in Tennessee?

There are a lot of websites you can use online to get auto-insurance quotes.

Where can I find affordable health insurance quotes?

www.ehealthinsurance.com provides quotes

Where can one find quotes for Hibernian insurance?

Quotes of Hibernian insurance can be found on Hibernia Mitchell Insurance Services' website. Quotes for Hibernian insurance can also be found on Aviva Group's website.

Where can one find comparison prices for Home and Auto Insurance quotes?

Progressive, and Wells Fargo has insurance, if you contact them they will give you benefits and disadvantages of Auto Insurance quotes and Home Insurance Quotes.

How do I find supplemental dental insurance?

You can find supplemental dental insurance. You can find quotes for this insurance at www.lookdentalinsurance.com or www.aflac.com/ or www.thelibertyprogram.com/.

Where can I find a place online to get life insurance quotes?

Life insurance quotes online can be found at this website: statefarm.com.

Where can one find good auto insurance quotes?

You can find good auto insurance quotes online at insurance provider websites such as Geico and Allstate. Alternatively, you can also get quotes from providers such as State Farm, eSurance and Nationwide.

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